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5 Days in Dubrovnik to Explore, Eat & Enjoy the Best Views

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Back in 2018, I was lucky enough to spend a glorious 5 days in Dubrovnik during our 10-day trip to the Dalmatian Coast. This enchanting city, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” boasts a rich history, stunning architecture and mesmerizing coastal views that left us all breathless. We spent our time devouring fresh seafood, sipping on (actually – chugging) local wine and enjoying the beauty and history that surrounded us. Oh and did I mention I was majorly fangirling over all the Game of Thrones filming locations?

Now, I’ll level with you –

Dubrovnik is NOT cheap or relaxing during the high-season. Being a Game of Thrones filming location drastically upped Croatia’s popularity in recent decades, and the crowds are mostly concentrated in Old Town Dubrovnik. However, if you visit during the shoulder season, you’ll enjoy pleasant weather, more affordable prices and beat most of the crowds.

With its ancient walls, charming cobblestone streets, and vibrant local culture, Dubrovnik offers a captivating blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. If you dive deep into the city’s history, and look past the facade built for tourists, you’ll learn that Dubrovnik was deeply impacted by the Croatian War of Independence – the war that separated Croatia from Yugoslavia in 1991. Many of the locals experienced the fighting at their own doorsteps. 

In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the must-see attractions, top-rated tours and culinary delights that made my 5 days in Dubrovnik truly memorable.

Sitting near the water in Dubrovnik

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to 5 Days in Dubrovnik

I get it – blog posts are long. If you want all the facts without all the reading, screenshot this quick guide to 5 days in Dubrovnik!

🏡 Where to Stay in Dubrovnik:

Pro Tip: If you’re visiting Dubrovnik in the high-season, staying outside the city walls will save you a lot of money. However…staying inside the Old Town Walls is a truly magical experience.




📸 The Best Things to do with 5 Days in Dubrovnik:

Amazing views of Dubrovnik from the nearby Fortress

Day 1: City Walls & Croatian Cooking Class

It’s officially day #1 of your five days in Dubrovnik! Charge your iPhone, load up your fanny pack (the Calpak sling bag is my fav) and get ready for a beautiful day exploring Dubrovnik.

NOTE: If you only have 3 days in Dubrovnik Croatia, simply skip the day trips listed on this itinerary for Dubrovnik! Without spending a day in Kotor and Mostar, you’ll have plenty of time to see the best of Dubrovnik in 3 days.

*Hours of operation for the tours, restaurants and attractions listed in this Dubrovnik itinerary may change according to season.

Morning: Walk the Dubrovnik City Walls

Hiking the Dubrovnik city walls is one of the best things to do with 5 days in Croatia. Entrance is included with the Dubrovnik Pass, otherwise it’s a 250 HRK entrance fee (around $36.50), which is a little steep but definitely worth it. There are three entrances to the walls, but the most popular is near the Pile Gate and the Franciscan Monastery. The walk itself takes around two hours, so make sure to wear comfy shoes and bring lots of water in the summer.

Dating back to the middle ages, the city walls are the oldest standing structure in Dubrovnik and were built around the 9th century. They are one of the only structures to have survived numerous earthquakes and wars on Croatian soil. The beautiful views you’ll see on this walk are unparalleled, so make sure to bring a camera (and a tripod for those photo-savvy solo travelers) and a friend that won’t complain about taking 1,000 pictures of you. 

Stop for a frosty Pan beer at Caffe on the Wall (Sv. Petar) while you take in the views!

💡 Pro Tip:

If you visit Dubrovnik in the summer, you’ll want to time your walk around the city walls for very early in the morning or around dusk. Attempting the walk during the middle of the day will leave you sweaty, exhausted and miserable. 

Views from Dubrovnik city walls
Hiking the city walls in Dubrovnik – a must-do on any 5 days in Dubrovnik itinerary

🐙 Lunch at Barba

No visit to Dubrovnik is complete without trying the city’s freshest seafood! Barba is an adorable dine-in/takeout restaurant selling seafood street food within the city walls. Their menu is full of delicious items like fried calamari, tempura prawns and octopus burgers. I know – it sounds a little weird, but I promise octopus on a sandwich is much tastier than it sounds.

Hours: 11:00AM – 9:00PM everyday
Address: Boškovićeva ul. 5, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Deep fried calamari and an octopus burger from Barba
My family sitting in the window of Barba seafood street food in Dubrovnik

Afternoon: Take an Authentic Croatian Cooking Class

Taking an on-site cooking class is one of my favorite activities to book in any destination around the world. I’ve learned how to make pierogis from a Polish chef in Krakow, blended fresh hot sauce in Honduras and deep fried authentic Vientamese spring rolls in Hanoi. Each time I learned so much more about the local cuisine and culture than I would have just eating at restaurants. 

A Croatian cooking class is the perfect addition to your 5 day Dubrovnik itinerary. Learn how to make traditional eats like peka (a way of preparing food over an open flame) or ražnjići (a type of barbecue meat skewer) and maybe meet some new friends in the process! Viator’s top Croatian cooking class includes an opportunity to make a salad with vegetables picked fresh from their garden and drink wine directly from their vineyard in the Dalmatian countryside. 

🍷 Dinner at Taj Mahal

Although I normally would have preferred to wait to try Bosnian food until our day trip to Mostar, Taj Mahal is one of the highest rated restaurants in Dubrovnik, so we had to give it a try. Besides the long wait times, the food was fantastic and the waitstaff was very friendly and accommodating! Taj Mahal is a little on the pricier side, but it’s definitely still a must-try restaurant during your Dubrovnik 5 day itinerary. 

Our server was happy to help some clueless Americans with the Bosnian menu and we ended up ordering a delicious appetizer plate and the Taj Mahal special (veal, turkey, mushrooms and cheese stuffed in dough). After hearing we were on a family vacation, she was sweet enough to bring us a sample of Viśnevaća, a type of Bosnian cherry liquor, on the house!

Hours: 10:00AM – 12:00AM
Address: Ul. Nikole Gučetića 2, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Appetizer tray from Taj Malal Dubrovnik
Appetizer plate from Taj Mahal Dubrovnik.
Authentic Bosnian food from Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal Special: veal, turkey, mushrooms and cheese stuffed in dough.

Day 2: GoT Tour & Cable Car

At this point, you’ve probably fallen in love with the city and are wishing you had one week in Dubrovnik or longer to explore. Well unfortunately, time flies on vacation. All you can do is gear up, get ready and listen to your Dubrovnik travel guide guru – moi. Keep reading for the best things to do in Dubrovnik on day #2!

Morning: Take a Game of Thrones Tour

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you can’t leave Dubrovnik without signing up for one of the many Game of Thrones tours you’ll find throughout the city. I recommend booking Viator’s top-rated Game of Thrones Tour (with 5 stars out of 922 reviews). This three hour tour takes you to all the best filming locations in the city, including the Lovrijenac Fortress (the Red Keep), the Docks of King’s Landing and the Jesuit Staircase (where the walk of shame was filmed). Make sure to bring your Dubrovnik Pass so you don’t need to pay the 100 HRK ($14) entrance fee at the fortress.

Madison sitting on the Iron Throne after the Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik
Admiring the Fortress views during my 5 days in Dubrovnik

🥪 Lunch at Lokanda Peskarija

Wandering around on our second day, we stumbled across Lokanda Peskarija while taking pictures near the Old Port. The clouds parted for a stolen hour of sunshine and we sat outside feasting on mussels, fish pâté and delicious prosciutto and egg sandwiches washed down with Ožujsko beer. The food was delicious and very affordable and there’s also an upstairs seating area (for when it gets a little chilly on the coast). Whether you’re on a budget or not, Lokanda Peskarija is a must-try during your 5 days in Dubrovnik. 

Hours: 9:00AM – 11:00PM everyday
Address: Na ponti bb, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

My family sitting and eating fresh seafood at Lokanda Peskarija
The fam enjoying some of Dubrovnik’s freshest seafood.

Afternoon: Dubrovnik Cable Car and War Museum

You thought hiking the city walls was the only way to get views of Dubrovnik Old Town and Lokrum Island? Think again!

Another way to get breathtaking views of the city is to take the Cable Car to the top of Mount Srd. 203,43 HRK (27 EUR) will buy a two-way adult ticket, but the views themselves are priceless. The way up the mountain is a little scary if you’re afraid of heights, but just keep it in mind it’s been operating since 1969 and nobody’s fallen off yet!

You can find the Dubrovnik Cable Car at Ulica kralja Petra Krešimira IV, 20000, through the Buža gate. 

After we reached the top, we stopped for a tasty cappuccino at the Panorama Restaurant & Bar. Unfortunately, it was still early April and the wind left us too chilly to sit outside for long. We finished our coffee, snapped a couple last minute shots of the view and headed over to the Homeland War Museum Dubrovnik behind the Cable Car Station in the Imperial Fort. 

Views of Dubrovnik from Mt. Srd

The museum’s full name is the Museum Dubrovnik in Homeland War and an entrance ticket will cost you 30 HRK ($5). It features photos, videos and other displays of Dubrovnik in the Homeland War from 1991-1995. The photographs are especially powerful, depicting battles raging inside the old city and buildings on fire. It’s terrifying to think many of the locals living in the city today experienced this bloody and devastating war with their own eyes.

No matter the weather or the season, the Dubrovnik cable car and War Museum are two sights not-to-be-missed during your 5 days in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Homeland War Museum Hours: 8:30AM – 10:00PM
Address: Dubrovnik HR, Srđ ul. 2, 20207, Mlini, Croatia

🍸 Dinner at Panorama Restaurant & Bar

Just a short cable car ride away from the walled city, the Panorama Restaurant & Bar is located at the top of Mt. Srd and overlooks the entire city of Dubrovnik. Although it was too cold to stay for more than a quick coffee when we visited, the menu looked delicious and it would be the perfect place for a scenic bite and a glorious sunset in the summer months.

Hours: 9:00AM – 12:00AM. If you’re planning to take the cable car back to Dubrovnik, be sure to check the seasonal hours before committing to dinner.
Address: Srđ ul. 3, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Panorama Restaurant & Bar Menu at the top of Dubrovnik's cable car station

Day 3: Day Trip to Montenegro

Woohoo!! You’ve officially spent two days in Dubrovnik and you’re now on day #3. Although there are many gorgeous day trips one can take from Dubrovnik, the castle hikes and ocean views in Montenegro were calling our name. We grabbed a rental car, packed up our backpacks and set out on a day trip to the Bay of Kotor. 

Take a Day Trip to the Bay of Kotor

Only 40 miles from the old city walls, the Bay of Kotor is the perfect day-trip from Dubrovnik. It’s easy to get to, beautiful to visit and extremely budget-friendly. As always, be mindful of your vacation time before committing to day trips. If you only have time for a Dubrovnik 2 day itinerary – then it’s best to skip Kotor. However, if you have 5 or 6 days in Dubrovnik, there’s plenty of time for a day trip or two. 

You can visit my blog post all about my day trip to Kotor, or you grab the highlights below! And for the super lazy girl (no judgement here – it’s your vacay), simply lay down that credit card and consider booking an all-inclusive private tour to Kotor from Dubrovnik.

🇲🇪 The lazy Girl’s Guide to the Bay of Kotor

  • Hike the city walls for stunning views of the Bay of Boka
  • Explore the Fortress of St. John
  • Marvel at the Cathedral of St. Tryphon
  • Wander through Kotor’s Old Town
  • Grab a seafood lunch at City Restaurant
Cathedral of St. Tryphon in Kotor
Views of the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro

Day Four: Beaches & Walking Tour of Old Town

Can you believe you’ve already spent 3 days in Dubrovnik? The fun’s not over yet! Get ready for Croatian history, centuries old monasteries, a quick shopping spree, a relaxing beach excursion and more awesome stuff to do in Dubrovnik on day #4.

Morning: Enjoy Dubrovnik’s Beautiful Beaches

United States beaches have got nothing on Croatia. If you’re headed to Europe in the summer, a beach day or two is a must-do on your 5 day Croatia itinerary. 

So, if you’re in need of some major Vitamin SEA, add one or all of the beaches listed below to your 5 days in Dubrovnik itinerary. 

  • Banje Beach: The closest beach to Old Town Dubrovnik. It it tends to get very crowded in the summer months, but if you’re visiting in the shoulder season it might be a little slice of heaven. 
  • Bellevue Beach: Pictured below, this pebble beach is about a 20 minute walk from Old Town and is well-known for calm waters and cliff diving opportunities. It’s also known as Miramare.
  • Danče Beach: This beach is easy to get to (only a 10 minute walk outside of Old Town) but is far more secluded than the other beaches in Dubrovnik. There’s also a small cave nearby you can explore if you’re brave enough!

🏖️ If you’re all about the Ocean…

You may also enjoy the fun activities and water sports listed below!

Bellevue Beach in Dubrovnik
Bellevue Beach in Dubrovnik.

🍕 Lunch at Oliva Pizzeria

At the beginning of my 5 days in Dubrovnik, I found myself surprised by all the Italian influence in the city. Within the walls you can’t walk five minutes without running into at least one pizzeria. Oliva Pizzeria was our personal favorite, serving a wide variety of yummy pies at a reasonable price (the Piquant was the best). Plus, who wouldn’t love some pizza during your 5 day Croatia tour? 

Hours: 10:00AM – 11:00PM
Address: Lučarica ul. 5, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Pizza from Oliva Pizzeria in Dubrovnik

Afternoon: Learn About the History of Dubrovnik on a Walking Tour

You’ve only got 5 days and 5 nights in Dubrovnik – why not make the most of your trip with a Dubrovnik Walking Tour? 

I’ve traveled to a lot of countries (31 to be exact as of 2023) and I’ve never regretted booking a walking tour. They’re a great activity whether you’re a solo female traveler or traveling in a group and it’s the perfect way to learn about a city’s history from a local and on a budget. Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, the walking tours are free! 

This one and a half hour walking tour maximizes your Croatia travel by diving deep into 1,400 years of medieval history in Dubrovnik. A local guide, licensed by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism, walks you through the city’s most precious monuments, like the Franciscan Monastery, Stradun monument and Cathedral of the Assumption. Don’t forget to stop by Gossip on the Stradun for the best gelato in Dubrovnik!

Views of the Stradun from the city walls in Dubrovnik
The Stradun in Old Town Dubrovnik

Visit the 700 Year-Old Pharmacy and 14th Century Franciscan Monastery

Nestled in the old city near the Pile Gate is a 700 year-old apothecary hidden in a 14th century Franciscan Monastery. If you book a Dubrovnik walking tour, you’ll hit these highlights with your tour guide. If not, be sure to make time for a visit to these historic spots during your 5 days in Dubrovnik. 

The pharmacy is still in operation and is open to both tourists and customers. Conveniently, the Franciscan Monastery and museum is one of the sites included in the Dubrovnik Pass. Although very small, the monastery and attached museum are steeped in Dubrovnik history. 

Hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Address: Poljana Paska Miličevića 4, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The 14th century Franciscan Monastery is a must-see during 5 days in Dubrovnik

Go Shopping Along the Puca

The Ulica od Puča runs parallel to the Stradun and is one of the main shopping streets within Old Town Dubrovnik. Filled with handmade souvenir shops, leather and jewelry boutiques and quaint shops selling Croatian oils and spices, the Puča is the place to go if you’re hoping to leave Dubrovnik with some souvenirs. The walls are lined with decorative lanterns showcasing the shop names and making the street even more picturesque.

Take your time strolling along the Puca and make sure to come back from your 5 days in Dubrovnik with plenty of Croatian goodies to show your friends back home.

The Puca is Dubrovnik's main shopping street

🦐 Dinner at Gradska Kavana Arsenal

Gradska Kavana was one of the fanciest restaurants we tried during our 5 days in Dubrovnik, and was the perfect way to spend a beautiful night on the coast. The restaurant stretches from the Stradun on one side, all the way to the Old Port on the other. We decided to sit outside and feasted on Merlot Negromant, a type of dry, Croatian wine, fish stew, seafood risotto, salmon and mussels. It’s a little bit pricier than the other options I’ve listed, but the seafood is fresh and tasty and you can’t beat the classy atmosphere.

Hours: 8:00AM – 12:00AM
Address: Ul. Pred Dvorom 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Day 5: Day Trip to Bosnia

On day 5 of your 5 days in Croatia Itinerary, chances are you’ve seen the best that Dubrovnik has to offer. At this point, you can choose to spend a relaxing day in the city, maybe hit up some beaches or cross off some items you didn’t get to in your first four days. OR…you can pack up your day pack, grab a rental car and drive the two and a half hours across the border to Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

The choice is yours!

Take a Day Trip to Mostar

Located just across the border of Bosnia and Croatia is the picturesque city of Mostar. The journey itself was scenic af – all breathtaking landscapes and charming villages. Upon arriving in Mostar, we were immediately captivated by the city’s rich history and unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures.

Rent a car from Dubrovnik and spend a day wandering through vibrant bazaars, haggling for souvenirs, sampling local cuisine and interacting with the warm and welcoming locals. Or…take the super lazy girl route (again, no judgement) and book an all-inclusive day trip tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar.

🇧🇦 The Lazy Girl’s Guide to mostar:

  • Cross the Neretva river on Stari Most – the Old Bridge
  • Haggle for souvenirs in the Old Bazaar
  • Visit the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque
  • Stop for a Bosnian coffee and take in the views
The Old Bridge Stari Most in Mostar Old Town
Bosnian coffee in Mostar

Currency in Dubrovnik

Croatia takes the Croatian kuna (HRK). Some businesses in touristy areas will take the euro, but kuna is always preferred. Before traveling abroad, it’s always a good idea to download a currency converter on your smartphone to keep track of your spending. 

When withdrawing local currency in Europenever use the currency conversion kiosks. They’re notorious for horrible conversion rates and will completely screw you over with hidden fees. I always suggest taking cash out with your debit card at an ATM connected to a bank. Never use the Euronet ATMs if you can avoid it, although I’ve been guilty of using them in a pinch.

One of Dubrovnik's windy, cobblestoned streets

The Dubrovnik Pass

The Dubrovnik Pass is a great way to save money on the top sights during your 5 days in Dubrovnik. The options are the Dubrovnik card 1-Day, 3-Days or the Dubrovnik card 7 Days and they costs 263,71 HRK (35 EUR), 339,05 HRK (45 EUR) and 414,40 HRK (55 EUR) respectively (although you can get a discount if you buy online). Basically, as soon as you activate it (use it on an attraction), it’s valid one, three or seven full days from that point. If you consider that walking the walls alone will cost you 32 EUR, the Dubrovnik tourist card is a steal.

The pass includes top Dubrovnik sights like the Maritime Museum, the Dubrovnik Natural History Museum, the Marin Držić House, the City Walls, the Art Gallery of Dubrovnik, the Cultural-Historical Museum, the Ethnographic Museum Rupe, the Dulčić, Masle, Pulitika Gallery, the Friars Minor Franciscan Monastery Museum and the Vlaho Bukovac Home. It also includes a bus pass valid throughout the city of Dubrovnik and discounts in certain shops!

Hours of the Tourist Center: 8:00AM – 8:00PM (Hours may differ in the low season)
Address: To pick up or purchase a pass, visit the tourist center located at Brsalje ul. 5, right outside of the Pile Gate
Check the official website for updates on pricing and what’s included in the Dubrovnik card.

Dubrovnik views from the Fortress

Basic Croatian Phrases

Make sure to brush up on your Croatian before your 5 days in Dubrovnik. In my opinion, Croatian is extremely difficult for native English speakers. The sounds required to say the words correctly are unlike anything we have in English, which accounts for a lot of embarrassing pronunciation errors. My advice is to just sound it out phonetically and be ready to give it your best effort. Besides, isn’t it the thought that counts?

Pay extra attention to the Živjeli pronunciation. On a Madison’s Footsteps itinerary, you know you’re going to need how to say “cheers.” 😜 And be sure you’ve nailed the Dubrovnik pronunciation before you land!

*Most of the locals in the bigger cities speak decent English, but if you plan to do any driving across the country it’s always a good idea to have some useful phrases in your back pocket.

👋🏼 Greetings and Pleasantries

  • Hello = Bok (bohk)
  • How are you? (formal) = Kako ste? (kah-koh steh)
  • How are you? (informal) = Kako si?
  • I’m fine, thanks = Ja sam dobro, hvala. (doh-broh sahm, hva-lah)
  • Nice to meet you = Drago mi je (dra-goh mee yeh)
  • Good morning = Dobro jutro (doh-broh you-troh)
  • Goodnight = Laku no (laa-koo notch)
  • Good evening = Dobra večer (doh-brah ve-cher)
  • Goodbye = Dovidenja/Bok (doh-vee-jen-yah)
  • Please = Molim (moh-leem)
  • Thank you = Hvala/Hvala lijepa (hva-lah/hva-lah lee-pah)
  • You’re welcome = Nema na čemu (neh-mah na che-moo)
  • Yes/No = Da/Ne
  • Excuse me = Oprostite (oh-pro-sti-teh)
  • I’m sorry = Žao mi je (zhow mee yeah)

🇭🇷 Useful Phrases For 5 Days in Dubrovnik

  • Where are the toilets? = Gdje je WC? (gdyeh yeh weh-tseh)
  • What is your name? = Kako se zovete? (kak-koh seh zoh-ve-teh)
  • My name is… = Zovem se (zoh-vhem se)
  • I am… = Ja sam… (yah sahm)
  • I can’t speak Croatian = Ne govorim hrvatski (neh goh-voh-reem hurv-ahts-kee)
  • Do you speak English? = Govorite li engleski? (goh-voh-ree-teh lee en-glees-kee)

🥘 Food/Drink Vocab in Croatia

  • Can you recommend a good restaurant? = Mozete li preporučiti dobar restoran? (moh-zheh-teh lee preh-poh-roo-chee-tee doh-bahr reh-stoh-rann)
  • What would you recommend? (food) = Sto biste preporučiti? (shtoh bee-steh preh-poh-roo-chee-lee)
  • Check, please = Račun, molim (rah-choon, moh-leem)
  • I will take… = Uzet ću…
  • A beer, please = Jedno pivo, molim (yehd-noo pee-voh, moh-leem)
  • A glass of red/white wine, please = Molim vas čašu crony/bijelog vina (moh-leem vahs chah-shoo suhr-nohg/byeh-lohg vee-nah)
  • A bottle, please = Jednu bocu, molim (yehd-noo boh-tsoo, moh-leem)
  • Cheers! = Živjeli! (jeev-yeh-li)

5 Days in Dubrovnik FAQs:

Q: How many days do you need in Dubrovnik?

A: If you’re wondering, how many days should I spend in Dubrovnik?, you’re in the right place. The ideal number of days to spend in Dubrovnik depends on your interests and the pace at which you prefer to explore. Generally, 3-4 days are enough to see the main attractions and experience the local culture and cuisine. However, if you wish to take day trips to nearby islands or towns, or simply want more time to relax and soak in the city’s charm, extending your stay to 5-7 days would be a great option.

We decided to spend 3 full days in Dubrovnik, 3 full days in Split, one day in the Bay of Kotor and one day in Mostar. When you account for two travel days, it added up to 10 days in Croatia.

Q: Is it worth it to take a day trip to Montenegro if you’re a tourist in Dubrovnik?

A: Yes, taking a day trip to Montenegro from Dubrovnik is definitely worth it if you’re looking to explore the beauty of the surrounding region during your 5 days in Dubrovnik. Montenegro offers stunning landscapes, charming coastal towns and a rich history that complements the experiences you’ll have in Dubrovnik.

Some popular destinations in Montenegro include Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its well-preserved medieval Old Town and impressive fortress; Budva, known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches; and Perast, a picturesque town along the Bay of Kotor.

Keep in mind that crossing the border may take some time due to passport controls, so it’s advisable to start your day early or join an organized tour to make the most of your day trip.

Q: How expensive is Dubrovnik for tourists?

A: The cost of visiting Dubrovnik for tourists can vary depending on your travel preferences and budget. In general, Dubrovnik is considered moderately expensive compared to other European destinations. However, it is possible to enjoy the city without breaking the bank by making smart choices and planning ahead.

Accommodation: Prices for accommodations in Dubrovnik can range from budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses to luxury hotels. During peak season (June to August), prices tend to be higher, so booking in advance or traveling during the shoulder season (April-May or September-October) can save you money.

Food: There are numerous dining options in Dubrovnik, from affordable street food and casual eateries to high-end restaurants. A meal at a mid-range restaurant can cost around 20-30 EUR per person, while a more upscale dining experience can be significantly more expensive. To save on food costs, consider eating at local bakeries, cafes or pizzerias – which all offer delicious options at lower prices.

Transportation: Public transportation within Dubrovnik is relatively affordable, with single bus tickets costing around 2 EUR. Taxis can be more expensive, especially during peak tourist season.

Attractions: Entrance fees for attractions such as the City Walls or the cable car can add up, but many of the city’s highlights can be explored for free or at a low cost, like walking through the Old Town or enjoying the beaches. Purchasing a Dubrovnik Pass may help you save on entrance fees and public transportation if you plan to visit several attractions.

Q: What are the best day trips from Dubrovnik Croatia?

A: There are several fantastic day trips from Dubrovnik, Croatia, that offer unique experiences and allow you a glimpse into the beauty of the surrounding region. Some of the best day trips to take during your 5 days in Dubrovnik include:

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina: A picturesque city known for its iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge), vibrant bazaars and rich history influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures.
Montenegro: Visit the stunning Bay of Kotor, the medieval Old Town of Kotor, the lively coastal town of Budva or the charming village of Perast.
Korčula: This beautiful Croatian island boasts a historic Old Town, pristine beaches and local wineries. You can reach Korčula by ferry from Dubrovnik.
Mljet National Park: Located on the island of Mljet, this national park features saltwater lakes, lush forests and a tranquil atmosphere. It’s perfect for hiking, cycling or just enjoying nature.
Elafiti Islands: A group of islands near Dubrovnik, including Šipan, Lopud and Koločep, offering beautiful beaches, hiking trails and charming villages. You can explore them on a day trip by boat.
Pelješac Peninsula: Known for its vineyards and wineries, the Pelješac Peninsula is an excellent destination for wine lovers. The peninsula also features the historic town of Ston and its impressive defensive walls.
Cavtat: A small coastal town south of Dubrovnik, Cavtat offers a more relaxed atmosphere, with beautiful beaches, waterfront promenades and historic sites.

Q: Is Dubrovnik Nicer than Split?

A: Comparing Dubrovnik and Split is a matter of personal preference, as both cities have their own unique charm and attractions. Many Croatia visitors choose to tour both cities to experience the best of what each has to offer. Here’s a brief overview to help you decide which city might be more appealing to you:

Dubrovnik’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its stunning medieval architecture, well-preserved city walls and picturesque streets. The city has a more romantic and historical atmosphere that often attracts couples and history enthusiasts. Dubrovnik is famous for its role as a filming location for popular TV shows like Game of Thrones, but it can be more expensive and crowded during peak tourist season compared to Split.

Split is home to the impressive Diocletian’s Palace, another UNESCO World Heritage site, which forms the heart of the city’s historic center. The city offers a lively atmosphere with bustling markets, vibrant nightlife and numerous cafes and restaurants. Split also serves as a transportation hub, providing easy access to nearby islands like Hvar, Brač and Vis, and it generally has a more laid-back vibe than Dubrovnik. It also tends to be the more budget-friendly option between the two.

Q: How far apart are Split and Dubrovnik?

A: Split and Dubrovnik are approximately 140 miles apart by coastal road. The driving time between the two cities is around 3 hours, but it depends on traffic and road conditions. Alternatively, you can also fly between the two cities, with flight times usually lasting around an hour. If you have extra time after your 5 days in Dubrovnik, I would highly recommend spending a few days in Split.

Q: Is Dubrovnik too touristy?

A: Dubrovnik has become increasingly popular among tourists in recent years, especially due to its role as a filming location for Game of Thrones. As a result, the city can indeed feel quite touristy, particularly during the peak travel season (June to August), when crowds tend to be at their highest.

However, whether Dubrovnik feels “too touristy” depends on your personal preferences and how you plan your visit. If you’re looking for a more authentic experience or want to avoid large crowds, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons (April-May or September-October), when the weather is still pleasant but there are fewer tourists.

Q: Why is Dubrovnik so popular?

A: Dubrovnik’s popularity as a sought-after travel destination can be attributed to its stunning medieval architecture, rich history and breathtaking coastal scenery. The well-preserved Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, captivates visitors with its historic city walls, medieval churches and picturesque narrow streets. Its fascinating past as the powerful Republic of Ragusa adds a layer of intrigue for history enthusiasts, while its film and TV fame, notably as a Game of Thrones filming location, draws fans from around the world. Additionally, the city’s accessibility, cultural events and proximity to nearby attractions such as Montenegro and multiple Croatian islands make it an attractive choice for travelers seeking a diverse and memorable experience.

Long story short – Croatia sights are hard to beat!

Q: Why do people hug the wall in Dubrovnik?

A: Entering Old Town Dubrovnik through the Pile Gate, you might spot a gargoyle head protruding from a stone wall near the entrance to the Franciscan Monastery. Legend says that if you manage to hop on the head and keep your balance while removing your shirt and still facing the wall luck and love will follow you.

Q: When is the best time of year to visit Dubrovnik?

A: The best time of year to spend your 5 days in Dubrovnik is during the shoulder seasons of April-May and September-October, when the weather is generally pleasant and warm, but the city is less crowded compared to the peak summer months. During these periods, visitors can enjoy the city’s attractions, beaches and outdoor activities more comfortably, while also benefiting from lower accommodation rates and fewer tourist-related inconveniences, such as long queues at popular sites and limited availability for tours and experiences.

Final Thoughts

Not only is Dubrovnik is the perfect destination for any traveler, but it’s the perfect destination for families. My family trip to Dubrovnik in 2018 created some of my favorite memories in Europe. We enjoyed the city’s spectacular views, ate way too much delicious food and loved learning about the centuries-old history together in such a beautiful place. Regardless of who you’re traveling with, a Dubrovnik Croatia holiday will never disappoint.

If you enjoyed my guide to 5 days in Dubrovnik, don’t forget to check out my guides to Europe’s most-popular cities linked below. As always, thanks for reading and make sure to follow my blog and my adventures on Instagram @madisonsfootsteps.


Pin for 5 days in Dubrovnik blog post
Pin for 5 days in Dubrovnik blog post

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