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My name is Madison and welcome to my travel blog, Madison’s Footsteps! I’m a social media influencer and blogger passionate about travel, fashion and sustainable living. I enjoy creating quality travel content for my Instagram page and sharing tips for visiting my favorite destinations on my travel blog.

I fell in love with travel when I was 19 years-old and took my first solo-flight from Chicago O’Hare to Roma Fiumincino to start my study abroad semester. After the best semester of my life, I spent a summer interning in New York City, then flew home to Madison, WI to finish up my degree and figure out what I wanted to do with it.

After graduation, I ended up taking a job in Florence, Italy for a student travel company, Bus2alps. I spent the next 18 months living in a centuries-old apartment in the Santa Croce neighborhood and planning epic weekend trips for study abroad students to multiple European destinations (and one in Northern Africa). I learned so much about myself during that year and a half traveling and guiding others through the best semester of their lives.

After leaving Florence in late 2019, I was faced with the difficult task of finding a travel job during a global pandemic…needless to say, that was impossible. With all my newly found free time, I purchased Christina Galbato’s Influencer Bootcamp and spent my days redesigning my blog, growing my Instagram following and collaborating with brands. Sadly, one paying gig and a lot of free products over 5 months doesn’t pay the bills, so I turned to Kathryn Kiefer’s VA Vault and landed my first client as a Virtual Assistant.

Months later, I’m LOVING my new life as a part-time Virtual Assistant, part-time social media influencer/blogger. I’m taking new courses and learning new things every day about travel, content creation and becoming a successful entrepreneur (that’s right y’all, I officially filed for my LLC!).

My true calling lies with my travel blog and I aim to share my passions for travel and sustainability with the world as well as inspire young women to live out their wildest dreams of wandering the globe. A little about me on the personal side…my favorite things include handwritten menus, rooftop bars and both starting and ending the day with a strong, Italian espresso (I’m an Italian girl at heart). I have a slight addiction to both Family Guy and crime TV (a weird combo, I know), spend my days snuggling my sweet and whiny chocolate lab named Vinny and am counting down the days (and the numbers in my bank account) until I can pack up and move out West for my next adventure.

If you’ve landed on my website in the hopes of a brand collaboration, I’m always interested in collaborating with brands that fit my niche and would interest my audience. To discuss a collaboration, please email madisonsfootsteps@gmail.com, get in touch via my contact page or send me a direct message on Instagram.

If you love travel content as much as I do, follow my Instagram page @madisonsfootsteps and subscribe to the blog for destination guides, travel tips and Instagram/blogging strategies delivered to your inbox bi-weekly!

Ciao for now, Madison


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