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Planning your next trip to Honduras? You’re in the right place with my Honduras Travel Guides!

Back in January of 2021, I booked my first trip to Roatan – round trip tickets for “one month” on the island. One month quickly turned into two, two months turned into my full 90 days and, when I was finally forced to leave for immigration reasons, I immediately packed a larger bag and booked a flight back for one month later.

In the end, I lived for a year in this tropical, scuba diver’s paradise. I met lifelong friends, became an advanced scuba diver and spent a glorious two weeks backpacking around mainland Honduras.

This page contains the best of my Honduras Travel Guides! Scuba dive with turtles and sharks on the Mesoamerican Reef, tour the Mayan Ruins in Copan, hike the jungle trails of Pico Bonito National Park and get your party on in Utila. There’s a lifetime of adventures waiting to be explored in Honduras…it’s time to go out and seize them for yourself.

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🤿 The Best Activities in Roatan:

Consult my complete list of the best things to do in Roatan!

  • Get your Scuba Diving Certification – I did both my PADI Open Water and my Advanced Certification in Roatan.
  • Visit the Roatan Brewing Company – the brewery is only open Friday, Saturday, Sunday until 5:00PM and the best time to go is Sunday.
  • Take an Island Cooking Class
  • Go Zip Lining and Horseback Riding
  • Take a Day Trip to the East Side – learn to kitesurf, visit Punta Gorda for a cultural ceremony (Sundays), and visit famous Roatan restaurants like Hole in the Wall, La Sirenas, and Kristi’s Overlook.
  • Spend a Night Partying on Utila – Utila is hugely popular among the budget backpacker community and is a very affordable island to get your scuba diving certifications. It’s also known for its wild party scene!

Where to Stay in Roatan:

🏡 Budget-Friendly:

🏡 Mid-Level:

🏡 Luxury:

Helpful Resources for Your Honduras Trip

When I lived in Roatan, the best places to find up-to-date information was in one of the island’s many Facebook groups! Join and consult the links below for any additional questions you may have about visiting Roatan.

Ask Anything Roatán – For general inquiries about anything on the island.

Roatan Travel / Support Roatan Discussion Group – A great place to ask any questions related to tourism on the island.

Short or Long Term Rentals – Accommodation information for tourists and locals.

Roatan Craigslist – For those selling miscellaneous things on the island.

Roatan Buy & Sell – The same as Roatan Craigslist.

Crime Watch – Crime updates and information on the island. Roatan is a very safe island so don’t be put off by the crime watch. It’s just meant as a source of information to keep locals and tourists informed.

Roatan Electric Company – RECO – The ultimate source of power information on the island. If the power goes out randomly or there are scheduled outages, check RECO’s Facebook page for an estimate of when it’ll come back on.

Honduras Travel FAQs:

What language do they speak in Honduras?

Honduras is a Spanish-speaking country. You won’t find many people that speak English, even in the touristy areas, so it’s a good idea to have data on your phone and a translator app already downloaded.

What is the currency in Honduras? And what is the best way to get it?

Honduras takes the Lempira (HNL)*. As of early 2023, the conversion rate is 1 HNL to 0.041 USD. The easiest and safest way to get cash in Honduras is by taking it out of a reputable ATM. Follow some basic practices when taking cash out in a foreign country:

–Make sure your bank knows you’ll be traveling (and where) so your card isn’t declined
–Hide your PIN number when you type it in
–Only use ATM machines attached to a bank or another reputable establishment

On Roatan, many places will accept USD if the bills are in good condition. They will not accept wrinkled dollar bills.

Is it safe to visit Honduras as a solo female traveler?

Yes, it is safe to visit Honduras as a solo female traveler. However, visiting the mainland is a very different experience than visiting Roatan. Although the Honduran mainland does receive some tourism, most of it is concentrated in the Bay Islands. In my experience, less tourists generally equals more stares and attention – especially for a woman on her own.

My advice? Only travel during daylight hours, have reliable data and always keep a charged portable charger on your person. Don’t wear any flashy jewelry or draw attention to cash or electronics. Act confident, even if you’re completely lost and if you have questions, direct them to a woman with children or an official in uniform. Personally, I would not choose to travel to San Pedro Sula alone, although others may disagree.

Do I need an adapter for my U.S. appliances/tech in Honduras?

Nope! The plugs are the same in both countries, so no adapter needed. Both countries also operate on a 120V voltage system, so you don’t need to worry about frying your electronics.

Do U.S. citizens need a visa to travel to Honduras?

No, but you are required to complete a pre-arrival travel form. Visit my post about living in Roatan for more detailed instructions about Honduran immigration forms.