How to Make a Media Kit for Instagram

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If you’ve gained a bit of a following on social media and are looking to start collaborating with brands, the first step is creating a media kit! Media kits are basically resumes for influencers that give brands information about you, your brand, your audience demographics, your services, examples of your work and your contact information. It’s the main document you provide so the brand can decide if you are a good fit for their campaign or not. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple. Keep reading to learn how to make a media kit for Instagram!

How to Make a Media Kit for Instagram

I’m going to break up the process of making a media kit into simple and easy-to-follow steps. After this post, you’ll be collaborating with brands in no time!

Sign up for Canva Pro

Unless you’re already an Adobe InDesign wizard, I highly suggest you use Canva Pro to create your media kit. For only $13/month, you’ll get an extremely user-friendly design platform with tons of stock images, fonts, graphics and cool premium features like the background remover or page animation. With the pro version, you’ll also have the option of using one of their media kit templates!

For more information on programs and courses I suggest for influencers and bloggers, check out my post “How to Get Clients as a Virtual Assistant.”

Use Consistent Branding

Make sure to keep your voice, colors, fonts and overall aesthetic consistent across all your channels. This same style should be reflected in your media kit. If a brand is looking to work with you, they’ll want to see consistent branding across the board so your work will be easily recognizable!

If you haven’t decided on your branding, don’t stress. Pick something temporary to design your media kit. You can always go back and change it later.

Know Your Niche

If you’re reading this post to learn how to make a media kit for Instagram, then hopefully you have established your niche. Your niche is your overall topic of your brand, social media accounts and website. For example: my niche is solo travel. Other popular niches under travel are luxury travel, vegan travel, budget travel, family travel, etc.

If your niche is luxury fashion, your media kit should reflect that topic. If you’re looking to collaborate with high end brands that would interest your audience (which I highly suggest you do in any niche), your photos and overall brand voice should reflect that. Basically, don’t try to pitch Jimmy Choo with pictures of yourself in Old Navy flip flops. It just won’t work.

Choose Your Length

Since I’ve worked with my fair share of brands, my media kit is currently five pages long. However, if you’re just starting out, you probably won’t need so many pages to convey your information. If you haven’t worked with any brands, I would suggest you start with a one-page media kit.

Below, you’ll find an example of a one-page media kit.

how to make a media kit for Instagram

What to Include in Your Media Kit for Instagram

Now that you know where to start when creating your media kit, it’s time to learn what to include. I’m going to be using examples from my own media kit as we go to give you a better idea.

Cover Page

Every professional media kit starts with a cover page. This page should include a high-resolution photo of yourself as well as your name, your brand name, your title and when the media kit was most recently updated.

how to make a media kit for Instagram

High-Resolution Photos

When creating your media kit, make sure to use high-resolution, eye-catching photos. Remember: you’re trying to work with these brands and create content for them, so you want to put your best foot forward!

If you don’t have any high-quality photos of yourself, or any photos of yourself, there’s no time like the present! You don’t need professional photography gear or even a photographer to get amazing photos for Instagram and your media kit. To learn how I take amazing travel photos while solo traveling, download my free guide here.

For photo editing, I swear by Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw! A lot of influencers prefer Lightroom, but I find the controls to be a lot smoother in Photoshop. For my favorite editing courses, click here.

A Little About You and Your Brand

Since you’ll hopefully be working together soon, it’s important that you introduce yourself to whomever is viewing your media kit. I like to include an “about me” page as the second page in my media kit that allows me to introduce myself and my personal brand. This page is so important, that I would suggest you still include it if your media kit is only one-page. Give the brand a little sneak peek into your personality as well as your professional qualifications!

I like to include my name, my current location, what I’m passionate about and a couple personal tidbits. You can make your “about me” section longer if you like, but make sure it’s not so long that brands skip over it.

how to make a media kit for Instagram

Audience Demographics

The section on audience demographics is one of the most important pages in your media kit. Brands need to see these analytics in order to determine if your reach and influence is a good fit for their products and services. For example: if my followers are 100% based in Europe, I wouldn’t be a good fit to work with an airline that only flies in and out of Brazil.

On this page, you’ll want to include your follower count on all relevant social media platforms, your monthly page views to your website (if you have one), the gender breakdown of your following, the geographical breakdown of your following and the age breakdown of your following. On Instagram, you can find these numbers by going to your account and clicking “insights.” You’ll need to have a business or creator account to see these analytics.

If you have a website, the most accurate tool to track your page views is Google Analytics.

You’ll also want to include your engagement rate. There are a few different ways you can calculate your engagement rate. Head to this post by Hootsuite to learn how!

how to make a media kit for Instagram

Previous Collaborations

If you’ve collaborated with brands in the past, especially brands that are similar to the brand you’re pitching, include them on your media kit! Since I’m a travel blogger and I frequently collaborate with hotels, I’ve split up my collaborations into “hotels” and “other.”

On my PDF media kit, each brand name is linked to a corresponding @madisonsfootsteps Instagram post. I also like to include some of the best creative images from those collaborations on this page.

how to make a media kit for Instagram

Services Offered

Another important thing to include when learning how to make a media kit for Instagram is services offered. Brands need to know the scope of services they can expect from you and it’s this page that will determine deliverables in a collaboration. I always like to include that I’m open to other services if they are looking for something specific!

how to make a media kit for Instagram

Contact Information and Links

Last, but definitely not least, include your contact information! Since I’m currently located outside of the U.S., I specify that the phone number provided is for WhatsApp. I always link my website, Instagram and Facebook to make it even easier for a brand to find those pages. Remember, the less work a brand needs to do in order to contact you the better!

A Note on Pricing

I made the decision to leave my pricing off my media kit. The last thing you want to do is undersell yourself with set pricing if a brand is willing to pay more for your services. Additionally, most collaborations include more than one deliverable, which would usually include a package rate at a lower price. It’s best to pitch yourself with your media kit and then, if a brand is interested in running a collaboration, negotiate deliverables and pricing.

There you have it! You just learned how to make a media kit for Instagram! Get out there, collaborate with brands and show the world all the amazing content you can create. And PLEASE let’s squash this stereotype that all influencers are lazy and only looking for free shit.

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