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The Best 4 Days in Prague Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

A trip to Europe isn’t complete without Prague on your itinerary 👏🏼. I fell in love with Prague the first time I visited for a long weekend in 2017…and not only because I got to pet a really cute corgi. At that time, I wish we would have fit a 4 days in Prague itinerary! But, alas, we only had two days in Prague at the time. Even so, we filled up our days with the best that the city had to offer.

Since that fateful trip during study abroad, I’ve been back to Prague three more times—each visit much longer than two days. In fact, when I used to organize trips for study abroad students in Europe, Prague was one of my custom itineraries! Long story short—you can trust my all-inclusive 4 days in Prague itinerary to bring you the best tours, views, eats and adventures for your next trip to Prague.

Ready? Let’s go to Prague!

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The Lazy Girl’s 4 Days in Prague Itinerary

🏡 Where to Stay in Prague




🍺 The Best Things to Add to Your 4 Days in Prague Itinerary

Day 1 on Your 4 Days in Prague Itinerary

Whether you’re a study abroad student, a newlywed on your honeymoon or a solo traveler looking to sample the world’s greatest adventures—Prague has something for everyone. You could spend 3 days in Prague, 7 days in Prague or a year in Prague…you’re still not going to want to miss these highlights. Just don’t budget for less than a 3 day itinerary for Prague (if you can’t fit 4 days in Prague), there’s simply too much to see in 2 days or less!

If you’re wondering what to do in Prague in 4 days, look no further. The answers are below on my all-inclusive itinerary. And if you’re visiting as a student, be sure to add warm clothes and Prague essentials to your study abroad packing list before you leave home!

Take a Free Walking Tour

Like every city, at first glance Prague can be a bit overwhelming. There’s so many exciting things to do and see on your Prague itinerary…so how do you narrow it down?

My answer? Start with a free walking tour! Get the highlights – and decide where you want to spend your time. Especially if you have a short itinerary (like a Prague 3 day itinerary), you’re going to want to maximize every second.

The best part about a walking tour is that most cities in Europe offer them for free! My go-to company is always Sandeman’s New Europe. They offer free walking tours in almost 20 cities around Europe (including Dublin, Barcelona and Lisbon) – so it’s a great addition to your Prague itinerary.

Scope out exciting sites like Pařížská Street, the powder gate, Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square) and Wenceslas Square on your free walking tour of Prague!

💁🏽‍♀️ Or You Can Be a Little Bougie…

It’s okay to splurge on vacation! If you’re not feeling a group tour, splurge on a custom or all-inclusive tour of Prague. Honestly in this city, it’s pretty difficult to break the bank. This option includes lunch and a boat cruise and this one is 100% private and customizable to your wants and needs!

Wander Around Old Town Square (Staré Mesto)

Old Town Square is the heart and soul of Prague. This bustling square is full of tourists taking photos of Prague’s spooky gothic church, munching on delicious street food and Czeching out (sorry not sorry) the local shops and restaurants in the area. 

There is so much history Old Town Square, it’s easy to kill a few hours exploring the church, climbing the Old Town Hall and most likely being let down by the Astronomical Clock’s hourly show. (If you’re thinking, “wait, slow down!” don’t worry – we’ll dive deep into these activities later in the post!)

Although Old Town Square is still shockingly affordable, keep in mind that it is the most expensive area you’ll visit on this Prague itinerary. Restaurants, shops, street food and accommodations will all be pricier in this area – not to say it’s not worth it. 

The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn in Old Town Square –one of the best things to add to your 4 days in Prague itinerary.

🥔 Have a Street-Food Lunch in Old Town

Don’t leave Old Town Square without adding “try tons of street food” to your 4 days in Prague itinerary.

One of my favorite things to do in Old Town Square is enjoy a heaping bowl of halusky (show below – right). Although it’s made from potatoes and cabbage…somehow it manages to taste like delicious mac n’ cheese. There are also tons of stands selling mulled wine and hot honey wine – and both are super yummy. If you’re not full yet, you can stop by one of the other stands selling sausages, brown bread and sauerkraut or pick up a trdelník (filled with actual mac n’ cheese) from Good Food on a nearby side street (below – left).

A mac n' cheese filled trdelník from Good Food in Old Town Square Prague.
Eating a heaping bowl of halusky from a street vendor is a must-add to your 4 days in Prague itinerary
A heaping bowl of halusky.

Climb Old Town Hall & Stick Around for the Astronomical Clock Show

The medieval Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square was built in 1410 and is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world – not to mention the only one still standing. While the clock and Old Town Hall themselves are beautiful and full of medieval history, the hourly show has a reputation for being one of the most overrated attractions in Europe. No matter its reputation, you can still see hoards of tourists surround it on the hour like clockwork (pun intended).

If you want to judge for yourself, catch the show every hour on the hour from 9:00AM – 11:00PM daily. 

Don’t leave Old Town Square without climbing the Town Hall Tower and taking in the views over Prague from the top! Entrance tickets only cost 250 CZK (around 10 USD), so there’s no excuse not to add this amazing viewpoint to your 4 days in Prague itinerary. 

The views of Old Town Square from Old Town Hall.
The astronomical clock on the Old Town Hall. Stop by for the hourly show on your 4 days in Prague itinerary.

Explore the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

As the focal point of Old Town Square, and my personal favorite building in the city, make sure to add room for The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn on your 4 days in Prague itinerary. 

Construction of this gothic church and UNESCO World Heritage Site started back in 1365 and spanned three centuries before it’s completion in 1511. That’s even longer than projections for finishing the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona…although barely. The church is home to the tomb of Tycho Brahe – the Danish astronomer who first discovered that all planets revolve around the sun. He was invited to the court of the Czech King Rudolph II as his astrologer before dying in the Prague Castle under mysterious circumstances in 1601. 

Entrance is free and it’s definitely worth a visit to explore the stunning, and somewhat spooky, interior of this world-famous church. 

The Church of Our Lady before Tyn is a must-see on your 4 days in Prague itinerary.
A horse and carriage in front of Our Lady Before Tyn in Old Town Square.

Black Angel’s Bar Prague at Hotel U Prince

Now to the part you’ve all been waiting for – Prague’s best rooftop bar! 😍

The views from the Town Hall Tower are beautiful, but you’re enjoying them without a glass of mulled wine in your hand. Combine both of those things and what do you get? Black Angel’s Bar at Hotel U Prince

Talk about Instagram worthy spots in Prague. It seriously doesn’t get better than this. 

There is a legitimate hotel under the rooftop bar, but you don’t need to be a guest to enjoy these amazing views. Stop by for a glass of hot honey wine or a chilly Pilsner Urquell (depending on the season) and check seeing the absolute best views in the city off your Prague itinerary. Btw – a reservation never hurt anyone. This place is popular

The views from Black Angels Bar at Hotel U Prince in Prague.

Wander Around Josefov (The Jewish Quarter)

If you’re looking for a historic and cultural experience in Prague, look no further than Josefov – Prague’s Jewish Quarter.

Until 1850, the neighborhood was simply called “Jewish Town.” When the holy Roman emperor Josef II emancipated the Jewish population, it was renamed Josefov.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992, you’ll get the chance to tour six historic and beautiful synagogues in Josefov – including the Spanish Synagogue, Maisel Synagogue, the Old-New Synagogue (built in 1270), the Jewish Ceremonial Hall and the Old Jewish Cemetery. If you’re a history buff, you can also add a visit to the Jewish Museum of Prague to your Prague itinerary.

If you’re not keen on doing the research and exploring yourself, hop on a top-rated tour of the Jewish Quarter!

🍺 Grab Dinner at U Fleku

One of my favorite meals to add to your 4 days in Prague itinerary is this mouthwatering 3-course culinary experience from U Fleku. U Fleku is one of the oldest breweries in Europe and has actually been brewing delicious Czech beer for over 500 years – so make sure to order a glass or two with your meal.

The first course consisted of savory and delicious soup, followed by hearty beef goulash and fluffy potato dumplings. Last, but certainly not least, was the warm and crumbly apple strudel – a traditional Czech dessert.

Beef goulash and fluffy potato pancakes from U Fleku Prague.
A piece of apple strudel with homemade whipped cream from U Fleku.

Day 2 on Your 4 Days in Prague Itinerary

Cross the Charles Bridge

Now that you’ve explored the best of Old Town, it’s time to head across the river to the Prague Castle! This next section of my Prague itinerary will detail the best way to get there and exciting things to do along the way. 

There are many ways to reach Prague castle, but I would suggest lacing up your sneakers and walking the 20 minutes from Old Town Square*. The most direct route takes you across the Vltava river by way of the Charles Bridge – a must-include spot on your Prague itinerary. 

And trust me – these aren’t views you want to miss.

If it’s not too crowded (you never know during the summer), you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of Castle Hill and the Saint Vitus Cathedral. The bridge is also filled with local artisans selling handmade jewelry and street art. But beware, this is a notorious spot for pickpockets, so be sure to keep an eye on your belongings.

*If you’re not feeling the walk to Prague Castle, you can also order a Bolt (my new favorite ride share app in Europe). I wouldn’t suggest taking public transit for this route because you only end up walking about five minutes less. However, if you’d like to, the easiest way is to use Google Maps to map transit instructions.

Views from the Charles Bridge in Prague. Walk across this bridge on your 4 days in Prague itinerary!

Try Some Tasty Gingerbread at Perníkovy Panácek

Once you’re across Charles Bridge, it’s time for a little snack before braving the slight incline up Castle Hill. Is that dramatic? Nah. 

Perníkovy Panácek sells the yummiest gingerbread in Prague, and it’s cute as a button to boot. Stop by to browse their baked goods – like chocolate truffles, Czech cookies and spicy gingerbread – and snap a couple cute pics with your travel besties against the pink walls outside.

And let’s be honest ladies…no matter how old we get, we love a pink wall.

The outside of Pernikovy Panacek – the site of the best gingerbread in Prague.
Posing in front of a pink wall in Prague.

Stop to Feed the Swans

There’s a charming little spot along the Vltava River in Park Cihelna where hundreds of swans gather on the daily.

Grab a loaf of bread before you walk by and spend a few quiet moments feeding the swans and enjoying the serenity before heading off for your next adventure in Prague!

A spot along the Vltava River with hundreds of swans can be found daily.

Visit The John Lennon Wall

On your way to Prague Castle, why not take a 5-minute detour to add the world-famous John Lennon Wall to your 4 days in Prague itinerary? 

The cheerful and bustling Lennon Wall actually used to be known as “The Crying Wall” during the Communism area in the Czech Republic. People would flock here from all over Prague to vent out their frustrations with the government. At this time, the Beatles’ music represented freedom for the people of Prague – so the wall was renamed after John Lennon’s death in 1980.

Nowadays, the John Lennon Wall is considered one of Prague’s top attractions. I’ve visited four times – each time making my mark on the wall. It’s always packed with tourists in the summer months, so if you’re visiting then, I would suggest going early in the morning to beat the crowds. I personally prefer it in the cold, when it’s much more empty. 

Even if you have to throw a few elbows to write your name, the John Lennon Wall is a must-see on any Prague itinerary.

The John Lennon Wall in Prague.
Signing the John Lennon Wall is a must-do on your 4 days in Prague itinerary.

🎶 Stop for Lunch at the John Lennon Pub

Having been to Prague many times, I don’t have many regrets about things I haven’t seen. The John Lennon Pub is my one regret! 

This adorable little pub is situated right next to the John Lennon Wall – so you can’t miss it. Next time I’m back in Prague, it’s my mission to stop by for a hot mulled wine and some pork ribs or chicken pot pie. It’s too cute to resist and their menu looks dee-lish!

The outside of the John Lennon Pub in Prague.

Prague Castle & St. Vitus Cathedral

Located on Castle Hill, Prague Castle or Pražsky Hrad, is visible from almost anywhere in Prague. Regardless of your travel style, a visit to Prague Castle, the Old Royal Palace and the beautiful Saint Vitus Cathedral is a must-do on any Prague itinerary. 

Admittance to the castle grounds is free, but tickets are required to enter any of the buildings including the cathedral. There are many different ticket options to choose from, including a basic circuit (including the St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, and the Golden Lane*), permanent exhibits and entrance to the Tower of the Cathedral. You can find the different options and prices listed here

The castle is one of Prague’s most popular attractions and if you’re lucky enough to visit, you’ll understand why. It is one of the largest castle complexes in the world and, since it was founded in 880, it’s full of Czech history.

*Prague’s Golden Lane is a picturesque street on Castle Hill (inside the castle grounds) that’s lined by colorful houses. Think of a little Burano, Italy inside the Czech Republic…that’s not an island. Built in the 16th century, the houses used to serve as residences for the castle guards. There are a few fun legends surrounding Golden Lane, so be sure to ask your tour guide to elaborate.

If you decide to add Prague Castle to your Prague itinerary, you may enjoy a guided walking tour of the grounds. Check out popular options on Viator below!

Views of Prague Castle from across the Charles Bridge.

Visit the Starbucks Viewpoint

On my first visit to Prague in 2017, my friend and I stumbled across the Starbucks Viewpoint on our way up the Castle Stairs to Castle Hill. Located within sight of the castle gates, this Starbucks is home to some truly stunning scenery and is a welcome addition to your 4 days in Prague itinerary if you love a good view.

Nowhere in Prague did we find a viewpoint as clear as this one, not even from the top of the Dancing House. We didn’t even have to buy a coffee…but we did anyway cause, you know, we Americans love our Starbs.

Taking in the views at the Starbucks Viewpoint during my 4 days in Prague itinerary.

Stroll Down the Streets of Malá Strana

On your way down from the castle (if you start from the Starbucks viewpoint), you’ll walk directly through the Malá Strana (a.k.a. “Lesser Town”) neighborhood to the Charles Bridge. And trust me – you’re in for a treat.

This is the cutest, most charming little Czech neighborhood you’ll ever see! It’s lined with adorable restaurants, shops, bakeries and stands selling chimney cakes as far as the eye can see. 

The adorable streets of Mala Strana in Prague.

Take in the Views from Petrín Park

Petrín Park is Prague’s version of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. And let me tell you – this place has views.

Add Petrín Park to your 4 days in Prague itinerary and you can take the old-fashion funicular to the top of the hill. It’s only a 5-minute ride and tickets cost 60 CZK (or less than $3)…so there’s no excuse not to do it.

When you’re at the top, take a stroll around the park and enjoy stunning views of Prague – from the Charles Bridge to St. Vitus Cathedral (Prague Castle) and beyond. Petrín Park is also home to an old-fashioned mirror maze that definitely makes the list of unique things to do in Prague.

🍖 Have Dinner at Restaurace Mlejnice

Heading back across the Charles Bridge into Old Town, you’ll find a charming restaurant steeped in Czech history and delicious food – Restaurace Mlejnice.

The interior of this rustic restaurant is all dark wood and brick – giving off major historic vibes in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Everything on the menu is absolutely delicious, but I opted for the pork tenderloin braid with garlic and melted cheese sauce. Chef’s kiss 💋

Pork tenderloin braid with garlic and melted cheese sauce from Restaurace Mlejnice in Old Town Square.

Book a Beer Tour (or Beer Spa!)

On my first trip to Prague, we booked a €12 Czech beer tour that included all of our beer and a guided tour of three historic Czech bars. Although our tour group ended up being very small (it was us and two middle-aged British couples 😂), our guide was wonderful and the tour itself was very well-put-together. We ended up eating dinner with our tour group at the last stop! To this day it’s one of our favorite memories from study abroad.

Unfortunately, our budget-friendly beer tour is longer available. But don’t fret – Viator has tons of equally exciting options! It’s a higher price tag…but can you really put a price on drinking authentic Czech beer in centuries-old medieval pubs? (You can apparently and it’s around $50.)

If drinking delicious Czech beer isn’t enough for you, what would you say to bathing in it instead? I tried a beer spa for the first time during my weekend in Budapest and loved every second of it! Although I haven’t been lucky enough to experience a beer spa in Prague, I’ve noticed large price discrepancies between the options on tour sites and directly on the Beer Spa website. So I would suggest booking directly with them!

🍺 Czech Beer Tours You May enjoy:

Having the time of our life on a Czech beer tour in Prague.

Day 3 of Your 4 Days in Prague Itinerary

Take a Day Trip to Cesky Krumlov

No 4 days in Prague itinerary would be complete without a trip to scenic Cesky Krumlov! This perfectly preserved medieval town is located just two hours away from the capital. With its cobblestone streets, stunning views, and 13th-century castle – it’s no wonder why this place has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can either hop on a guided day tour from Prague (the easiest option) or grab a train from Praha Hlavní Nádraží station. On average, trains take about 2.5 hours and cost anywhere from €14–35.

If you’re going on your own, be sure to hit these highlights!

  • Cesky Krumlov Castle and the Bear Moat
  • Take in the best views in Cesky Krumlov from the top of the Castle Tower
  • Raft down the Vltava River in the summer months
  • Explore the main square: Namesti Svornosti
  • Go shopping for Moldavite: rare gemstones found in the region
  • And, of course, eat ALL the Czech food
Beautiful views of the Castle Tower in Cesky Krumlov. Add a day trip to your 4 days in Prague itinerary!

🦆 Grab a Tasty Dinner at U Bulinu

After an amazing day trip to Cesky Krumlov, chances are you’ve worked up a bit of an appetite! Why not end the day at my absolute favorite restaurant in Prague – U Bulīnü.

I’ve been to Prague four times now, and each time (except the first one) I’ve made it a priority to stop by U Bulīnü for a tasty and authentic Czech dinner. Although I’ve tried many of their dishes, my favorite is their roasted duck with potato dumplings and red cabbage. It’s traditional, it’s affordable, it’s filling and it’s yummy as hell.

A heaping plate of roasted duck, potato pancakes and sauerkraut from U Bulinu Prague.
A caesar salad from U Bulinu in Prague.

Day 4 of Your 4 Days in Prague Itinerary

Visit Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square has a central role in the history of Czechoslovakia – from rallies and demonstrations to Nazi occupation during World War II. Nowadays, it’s one of the most famous squares in Europe and a must-do on any Prague itinerary.

Note: most walking tours will take you to Wenceslas Square – so double check with your guide before making an extra trip.

🍞 Stop for a Delicious Lunch at U Medvídku

After a morning steeped in history at Wenceslas Square, head on over to U Medvídku for an affordable and tasty lunch of pork-stuffed bread dumplings – a Czech specialty. Be careful not to fill up on meat and carbs though…because the real star of the show is the dessert.

Did someone say beer ice cream? Yeah, I did 😉.

(I wanted the pork-stuffed dumplings with all my heart, but after 5 days in Prague – my body needed a salad.)

A healthy meal from U Medvidku in Prague.
Beer ice from from U Medvidku!

Have a Coffee or a Drink at The Glass Bar on the Roof of The Dancing House

Besides being one of the coolest buildings I’ve ever seen, the view from the top of the Dancing House is spectacular, even at night. You can either pay 130 CZK ($5) to enter the rooftop patio or, for 80 CZK ($3), you can buy a delicious glass of wine and take in the rooftop view for free.

(Note: this was the case in 2019. As of 2023, I’m finding conflicting pricing information online, but one thing seems to be for sure – if you buy a drink you can visit the Glass Bar for free.)

If you’re into art, you can also purchase a ticket to the gallery for 190 CZK ($8.50) and visit from 10AM – 8PM daily. Otherwise, the Glass Bar is open from 10AM – midnight every day.

Views from the observation deck/rooftop bar.
The outside of the Dancing House – one of Prague's most unique buildings.

Go to the Spa

Relax and rejuvenate after a long day of sightseeing with a visit to one of Prague’s many spas (this time I’m referring to a spa sans beer!)

Find all of your favorite beauty treatments – from mani/pedis to facials to Thai massages – for a fraction of the price of the rest of Europe. During my last trip to Prague, I visited Ruby Nails & Spa for a luxurious pedicure that only cost €15.

🌊 Have a Scenic Dinner on the Vltava River

There’s no better way to see Prague than a Vltava River cruise!

But why not add some Czech food and beer to that equation? Prague Boats offers a classy buffet dinner cruise for only €59 for three hours. If you’re looking to fit as much sightseeing into your Prague itinerary as possible, you might enjoy the shorter Lunch Cruise that only takes two hours instead of three.

🛥️ Cruises on the Vltava River you May Enjoy:

Enjoying a Czech beer with a view of Prague on a Vltava River cruise.

Go on a Pub Crawl

During study abroad, we made a habit of booking a pub crawl in almost every city we visited. As a group of 6+ college students living in Italy who were still under 21, we wanted to make sure we made it to all the best bars and nightclubs in every city!

The Clock Tower Pub Crawl ended up being one of my favorite pub crawls in Europe. This €24 crawl included five of Prague’s best bars and nightclubs, two hours of unlimited drinks at the first bar, a “welcome shot” at the last three bars and free entry into one of the city’s best nightclubs. Besides one small hiccup that involved taking four taxis around the city looking for my friend’s “lost” iPhone, it ended up being one of my favorite nights in Europe. (She found it an hour later in her bra.)

Eat All the Czech Food During Your 4 Days in Prague Itinerary

From pierogies in Krakow to lángos in Budapest to currywurst in Munich, I LOVE the food in Eastern Europe.

The Czech Republic is no exception, so don’t leave Prague without eating your fill of hearty Czech food. Since I’ve been to Prague four times (and I always do my research), I’m confident that I’ve eaten at some the best, most traditional restaurants in Prague.

Czech out (couldn’t resist 🤪) some of my favorite restaurants in the city below to add to your Prague Itinerary:

  • U Medvídku for BEER ICE CREAM. Yes – you heard me correctly.
  • U Bulīnü for amazing everything, but I recommend the roasted duck (pictured below – right).
  • U Fleku for amazing beef goulash.
  • Restaurace Mlejnice in Old Town Square.
  • Vinohradsky Parlament for their entire menu dedicated to potato dumplings.
  • Good Food for chimney cakes filled with both ice cream and Mac n’ Cheese.

Wanna know the best thing about Czech food? It’ll keep you full for hours and it’s affordable as hell! Unless you’re a vegetarian 😬, then you might end up eating potatoes the entire trip. My vegetarian friends experienced this with the Munich restaurant scene, but there’s nothing wrong with copious amounts of french fries.

A tasty trdelník filled with soft serve ice cream.
Some of the best Czech food in Prague.

Protect Your Prague Itinerary

Whenever I plan a trip, I always make sure to protect myself and my wallet with travel insurance. I’ve always booked travel insurance before trips, but I had to learn the hard way that not all travel insurance programs are created equal. During the two months I lived in Thailand in 2022, I injured my foot on a weekend trip to Khao Sok National Park, which led to four months of limping around Southeast Asia and an eventual surgery in Canggu. Since I was buying travel insurance month-to-month through AXA, none of my surgery was covered and I was out $3,500—even though I had active travel insurance at the time.

Since then, I started traveling with SafetyWing Travel Medical Insurance. It’s perfect for both short-term travelers and digital nomads since you can tailor it exactly to your dates and needs. You can use it as a monthly subscription (what I usually do), or pay in full for a set date range. You can also take advantage of their useful add ons like U.S. coverage (not for U.S. citizens unfortunately), adventure sports, and electronics theft.

Download an eSIM for Data in Prague

Airalo is my newest favorite tool for solo travelers and digital nomads. They offer easy and affordable eSIMs from 200+ countries and regions around the globe. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the #1 way to stay safe as a solo traveler is by having reliable internet and a charged cell phone (so be sure to pack a portable charger).

Simply choose a destination, select the best data package for your needs, pay and activate your eSIM for instant connectivity in Prague. For the Czech Republic, Airalo offers a 10GB data plan for 30 days for only $22.

How to Get to Prague

By Air

If you’re visiting Prague from the United States or another country in Europe, the easiest way to arrive is by plane. Simply fly into Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG), Prague’s international airport, and make your way to the city center.

The easiest way to get there is by calling a Bolt or Uber, but you can also take public transit if you’re traveling on a budget. Make your way to the bus stop outside the airport, hop on the #119 bus and ride it all the way to the Nádraží Veleslavín bus stop. From there, take the green subway line into the city center. (Tip: Google Maps transit directions is my favorite app to use when navigating public transportation in another country.)

By Train

You can also arrive in Prague by train to the Praha Hlavní Nádraží – the largest train station in Prague. From there, you can easily call a Bolt or an Uber or hop on a bus, tram or subway to reach your destination. 

By Bus

Taking a bus is another popular method to get to Prague from the rest of Europe. Flixbus is very popular for budget travelers and you can often get around Europe for much less than a plane ticket costs (especially in 2023). The main bus station in Prague is called Florenc and, once you arrive, you’ll have plenty of public transit options from the stop. 

How to Get Around Prague

As a tourist in Prague, it’s very easy to use the public transportation system to get around the city. If you’re visiting Prague for a week or less, I would recommend purchasing pay-as-you-go paper tickets which need to be validated before use. Seriously don’t forget this – you could get fined if you ride a bus, tram or the metro without validating your ticket. 

Tickets come in four options: 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 24 hours or 72 hours (perfect for your 4 days in Prague itinerary). You can buy these tickets directly on the metro or at bus/tram stops from the yellow ticket machines. Otherwise, you can also buy tickets from tobacco shops and tourist information centers. 

The Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Prague

There are tons of vibrant and exciting neighborhoods to choose from for your stay in Prague. Whether you want to be in the center of history, walking distance from the best nightlife or rewarded with a killer view of Prague’s best attractions – there’s the perfect neighborhood for every type of traveler in Prague…just waiting to be explored. Czech out (haha) some of my favorite neighborhoods below for your Prague itinerary!

  • Malá Strana: Also known as “lesser town,” Malá Strana is perfect for laid-back travelers who want to be close to the best attractions but also have a relaxed, friendly vibe. 
  • Old Town Prague: If you want to be right where the action is, then Old Town is the neighborhood in Prague for you. Keep in mind, although you’ll be a stone’s throw from the best attractions in the city, prices are guaranteed to be higher in this neighborhood. 
  • New Town Prague: Although it’s called New Town, it’s only new when compared to Old Town. This 14th century neighborhood surrounds Old Town and is filled with restaurants, bars and quaint little shops. 

If you’re looking for something a little more alternative, check out Vinohrady, Žižkov or Letna-Holesovice!

Helpful Czech Phrases for Your 4 Days in Prague Itinerary

Ahoj (a-hoy)

Dobry den (do-bree den)

Dobré ráno (dob-reh ra-noh)

Dobrý večer (dob-ree ver-chair)

Dobrou noc (dob-roo nots)

Na Shledanou (nas-khledanow)

Prosím (proh-sim)

Děkuji (geh-kweh)


Good day (Hello)

Good morning

Good evening

Good night

See you later


Thank you

Kde je toaleta? (kdeh yeh toh-ah-le-ta)

Mluvíš anglicky? (mloo-veesh an-glits-kee)

Nemluvím česky (nem-loo-veem chehs-kee)

Dobry (do-bree)

Ano (a-no)

Ne (neh-my zach)

Where is the bathroom?

Do you speak English?

I don’t speak Czech.




Pivo (peh-voh)

Víno (vee-noh)

Voda (vo-dah)

Jsem vegetarián (sam ve-geh-tar-ree-aan)

Platit, prosim (pla-tyit pro-seem)

Mohu prosím …? (mo-hoo proh-sim)

Na zdraví (Naz-dra-vee)




I am a vegetarian.

Check, please!

May I please have…?


The Best Guided Tours to Add to your 4 Days in Prague Itinerary

Spice up your Prague itinerary with one or two of Prague’s best guided tours linked below! Personally, I will be checking out that Swimming Beer Bike during my next visit 🚲 🍺 

Navigating Prague Nightlife

If there’s two things Prague has in spades it’s delicious food and a bangin’ nightlife scene. 

When it comes to exploring the nightlife in a new city, I’m allllllll about the pub crawls (she writes while suffering a hangover from her most recent pub crawl in Lisbon). But you don’t need to sign up for an organized tour to exprience the best nightlife in Prague! 

If you’re ready to party in Prague, check out these lively and historic spots: 

  • U Zlateho Tygra: This historic pub, meaning The Golden Tiger, was a favorite of Bohumil Hrabal – the famous Czech writer. And who doesn’t love a beer seeped in history? 
  • Hemingway Bar: Named after the one and only Ernest Hemingway, Hemingway Bar is located in Old Town Square and is a popular cocktail bar on Prague’s drinking scene. 
  • Vzorkovna Bar: Coined “The Dog Bar” by locals due to the large Irish Wolfhound you’ll find wandering around the club. Vzorkovna Bar is a favorite among hispters, artists and tourists. 
  • Karlovy Lázně: The inevitable end to most pub crawls, Karlovy Lázně is a 5-story club inside a 15th century building that claims to be the largest nightclub in Central Europe. Let me warn you – this place is a maze. I almost didn’t make it out. 
  • Lucerna Music Bar: Lucerna is famous around Prague for its 80’s and 90’s themed dance parties! It’s another favorite spot among pub crawl operators.

How many days is enough in Prague?

If you’re wondering how many days in Prague, the answer is it depends. If you like to slow travel and really immerse yourself in everything a city has to offer (like me) then I wouldn’t recommend less than four days in Prague. You’ll be able to fit in most of the activities above on a 3 days in Prague itinerary, but you won’t be able to see absolutely everything…unless you literally don’t sleep. 

You can also plan a Prague 2 day itinerary, but that’s really pushing it for time. You’ll be rushed and you’ll likely leave the city feeling like you missed a lot of things on your bucket list.

What is the best time to visit Prague?

Prague is beautiful all year round, however the best time to visit is in the spring (April – June) or fall (September – October). The temperatures are mild and comfortable, and the crowds tend to be smaller than during peak tourist season. Additionally, prices will generally be lower compared to summer months.

Is Prague worth it? Why should I visit Prague?

Prague is absolutely worth visiting! Prague is an incredibly charming city with so much to offer – from the stunning Prague Castle to the historic Old Town Square…and everything in between. If you’re looking for an affordable city that is full of culture, history and stunning architecture, then Prague is definitely the place for you. Don’t miss out on all the incredible experiences that await in this breathtaking city!

Is Prague expensive?

Although it depends on your income level, I would generally say that no – Prague is not expensive.

Compared to other top destinations in Europe, it’s actually unbelievably cheap. Accommodation, food, transportation and entertainment can all be found at a reasonable price so you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy all that Prague has to offer.

What should I pack for Prague?

A few essential items you should pack for Prague are a good pair of walking shoes, a light jacket for cool evenings and an umbrella or rain coat for unexpected weather. If you’re visiting during the summer months, be sure to bring some sunscreen and insect repellent too. Be sure to have cash on your person at all times, since many vendors do not accept credit cards. I also recommend bringing a camera to capture the beauty of Prague, a portable charger, and a anti-theft purse or backpack.

Is Prague safe for solo travelers?

Yes, Prague is generally considered safe for solo travelers. Although it’s always wise to take the necessary precautions when traveling alone, you’ll find that most people in Prague are friendly and helpful. It’s important to stay alert, remain aware of your surroundings and use common sense when exploring the city. With these simple tips, solo travelers should have no difficulties staying safe in Prague.

I’ve visited Prague with friends and as a solo traveler. I felt very safe at all times in Prague.

Final Thoughts

Prague offers a mix of historical charm, delectable cuisine and breathtaking beauty that will leave you spellbound. Whether you’re cruising down the Vltava River, enjoying the views of Old Town Square from Black Angel’s Bar or munching on some seriously delicious Czech food, you’re sure to enjoy every minute of this magical European city.

As always, thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow my adventures on Instagram @madisonsfootsteps! If you enjoyed my ultimate 4 days in Prague itinerary, check out my other guides to the most popular destinations in Europe! Like…


4 days in Prague itinerary Pinterest pin.
4 days in Prague itinerary Pinterest pin.

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  1. These are great! We actually did most of this. Loved the dinner cruise and Prague Castle. We also took a cooking class with a local where we got to shop for goods at a local market and cooked everything from scratch.

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