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37 Must-Try Restaurants in Roatan in 2024 (from a Local)

It’s no secret that Latin American food is seriously tasty. Being in Honduras and also in the Caribbean, Roatan is lucky enough to have amazing Latin American food and amazing seafood, which is a super yummy combination. After spending three months living in the Bay Islands Honduras eating my weight in baleadas and fresh ceviche, I’ve compiled a list of what I deem to be the best restaurants in Roatan Honduras.

Although there are plenty of delicious restaurants, there are also plenty of tourist-traps and spots to avoid. Below, I’ve broken up the best restaurants and quick eats in the most popular tourist areas of Roatan: West Bay and West End. Keep reading my list of the best Roatan Honduras restaurants if you want to get seriously hungry and start searching for flights to the Bay Islands!

best restaurants in Roatan

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The Best Restaurants in West End Roatan

Many of the best restaurants in Roatan (and the best restaurants in Honduras) are located in scenic West End. In addition to being much more affordable, West End has a much wider array of restaurant options than West Bay. You’ll find tons of delicious spots to try famous Honduran food (like baleadas, Honduran chicken and pastelitos) and other Honduras cuisine. Whether you’re looking for the best breakfast in Roatan or the best lunch in West End, you’ll find options to satisfy your taste buds in West End.

This part of the island is also home to almost all the nightlife on the West side, so dinner will most likely turn into a dance floor at some point in the evening. (West End is also the best area to stay in Roatan…in my opinion 😉).

Try out these best Roatan restaurants and let me know your favorites in the comments below!

1. Yahongreh?

Yahongreh? is one of my favorite Roatan West End restaurants to try the best local food – a Honduran baleada! If you’ve never heard of a baleada before, it’s a homemade flour tortilla folded in half and stuffed with refried red beans, either cheese or sour cream and a variety of other toppings including chorizo, chicken, eggs, avocado and beef. Baleadas are definitely among the most popular food in Honduras.

The little stand only serves baleadas until 2:00pm, which makes it the perfect stop for breakfast on a beautiful Caribbean morning. The local woman who runs the shop makes her own hot sauce from scratch and it’s to-die-for. Her baleadas are delicious and very affordable, my usual order with scrambled eggs and avocado only sets me back about $1.50. Other items on the Yahongreh? West End menu include fruit parfaits, fresh smoothies, bagel sandwiches and tipico (a typical Honduran breakfast). Yahongreh? is cash only, so plan accordingly.

It’s also across the street from my favorite dive shop in Roatan – Sun Divers!

Fun fact: I always thought the name “Yahongreh” was some local word I didn’t know how to pronounce until my friend told me it’s literally just a funny way of saying “You Hungry?”

A delicious baleada from Yahongreh? which is one of the best restaurants in Roatan
Baleada with scrambled eggs, avocado, and mantequilla.

2. Creole’s Rotisserie Chicken

Creole’s Rotisserie has a reputation for having the best chicken on the island, or at least in West End. It’s the perfect place to go with a group of people since the portions are enormous and meant to be shared. You can order a 1/4 chicken, a 1/2 chicken or a whole chicken, depending on your group size. If you’re in a group of three or four (or you just want leftovers), I would recommend ordering the full chicken + four sides. If you get tortillas as one of your sides you can make your own chicken tacos!

In the last year, Creole’s had started taking credit cards (woohoo!). Although the restaurant used to be BYOB, she appeared to be serving beer last time I went in March of 2023 and had no objection to us opening our bottle of wine.

Rotisserie chicken and tasty sides from Creole's Rotisserie
Whole chicken with coconut rice and beans, tortillas, coleslaw and pasta.

3. Crisp

New on the Roatan restaurants scene (in 2021), Crisp Roatan is my new go-to for tasty salads and affordable poke bowls! The little shop is an Instagrammer’s dream, filled with colorful decor, plant hangers, pastels and the optimal aesthetic for the perfect lunch pic. My poke bowl was absolutely delicious and filled with fresh tuna, homemade spicy mayo, red cabbage, avocado and tasty sushi rice. In addition to being one of the best healthy restaurants in West End, Crisp is extremely affordable!

Located in Coconut Tree Plaza, Crisp is right next to my favorite jewelry cart, Giulia. A handmade pair of earrings or necklace from Giulia’s is one of the best souvenirs from Honduras to remember your trip!

A fresh poke bowl from Crip – new on the restaurant scene in Roatan
Another poke bowl from Crisp showing the trendy interior of the restaurant

4. Cafe de Palo Roatan

Cafe de Palo is one of the best places to eat in Roatan Honduras for a relaxing brunch in a beautiful setting. Although it tends to be one of the more expensive options in the area, the food is delicious and very healthy. After weeks of snacking on lard-covered baleadas, my body was very grateful for the healthy helping of veggies.

The Cafe de Palo menu is filled with delicious breakfast options like pancakes, eggs benedict, homemade croissants and granola. The “Revolution Vegetarian” (my personal favorite) was delicious and piled high with roasted eggplant, avocado, tomato, poached eggs and homemade Honduran hot sauce!

The revolution vegetarian brunch at Cafe de Palo in West End Roatan
Revolution Vegetarian Brunch

5. The Roatan Chocolate Factory

“I’ll have lunch with a side of chocolate tour,” can be your reality at the Roatan Chocolate Factory. You’ll feel like a literal kid in a candy shop with walls full of chocolate bars, cushy armchairs, both indoor and outdoor seating, a coffee counter and kitchen cooking up all sorts of delicious dishes! Their menu features tasty paninis, appetizers and salads, but the real star of the show is the Indian food. The chicken korma is my personal favorite.

When you’ve filled up on a tasty lunch of spicy Indian food and $3 wine by the glass, head to the second floor for an interesting and informative chocolate tour and tasting! You’ll learn loads about the history of chocolate, the cacao plant, how chocolate is made and get to try tons of delicious chocolate in the process. Pro tip: try the white chocolate, it’s life-changing.

Chicken korma from the Roatan Chocolate Factory
Chicken korma.

6. Sandy Buns

If you’re sick of baleadas (if that’s possible) and looking for a tasty and affordable brunch spot, head down the street to Sandy Buns in West End. The little breakfast/lunch spot is outside with a great view of the beach and serves some of the tastiest food in Roatan. All their bagels, buns and biscuits are homemade, so I would definitely recommend going a little carb-heavy if you stop in for brekkie. 

Pro tip: given the choice between regular fries and sweet potato garlic aioli fries…I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the sweet potato fries.

Sandy Buns Roatan Hours:
Monday – Friday from 8:00AM-3:00PM
Saturday from 8:00AM-2:00PM and 4:00PM-8:00PM
Closed Sundays

Lunch from Sandy Buns
Sandy Buns is one of the best restaurants in Roatan for brunch
The Dive Shop Bagel.

7. The Drunken Sailor

After my two years in Italy, I can’t go more than a month without an Aperol Spritz. Thankfully, The Drunken Sailor Roatan was around to feed my orange-flavored addiction. Although pizza isn’t exactly the traditional food in Roatan Honduras, this cute little pizza shop serves Roman-style pizza, cheesy eggplant parmesan, creamy pasta dishes, fruity sangria and, of course, Aperol Spritz.

If you stick to the pizza menu, you’ll likely be in for an affordable evening. If you’re like me and order four Aperol Spritz with your caprese salad…your wallet won’t be quite so happy. Thankfully, Drunken Sailor takes credit cards!

Roman-style pizza from Drunken Sailor in West End Roatan

8. Calelu’s Roatan

Calelu’s is another of my favorite spots in West End for Roatan Honduras food and traditional baleadas. Their flour tortillas are made fresh on the spot and are both crispy and chewy at the same time. My favorite baleada combination is scrambled eggs, avocado, mantequilla, and lots of Don Carlos hot sauce.

The Calelu’s West End menu includes a variety of other tasty dishes, including pastelitos and pescado fritto (fried fish). Whatever you order, Calelu’s has definitely earned its spot on the list of best restaurants in Roatan!

Conveniently, Calelu’s has an attached grocery store that sells produce, canned/boxed goods as well as TIGO SIM cards. They’re also my favorite place to go for baleadas to go (as well as the Petrosun gas station shockingly).

Fried fish, beans and rice, and fried plantains from Calelu's in West End.
Pescado fritto.
A hearty baleada from Calelu's—one of the best restaurants in Roatan.

9. Junior’s Patio

When I lived in Roatan, Junior’s Patio was a cute BYOB spot in Junior’s own backyard. Since leaving in January of 2022, Junior has upgraded to building his very own restaurant! Regardless of the space, Junior is well-known for serving some of the best pizza in Roatan. 

The hours change weekly, so you’re better off checking the Junior’s Patio Facebook page for updates. WhatsApp +504-9685-5073 to order pickup or make a reservation.

Juniors Pizza Roatan is a cash-only establishment, so make sure to hit up the Petrosun before dinner. Don’t be surprised if you see an enormous wolf-like dog roaming around the premises, that’s just Junior’s adorable, fur-baby looking for pizza handouts.

Everything pizza from Juniors Patio in Roatan

10. Anthony’s Chicken Roatan

If you’re wondering what to eat in Roatan Honduras, Anthony’s Chicken is pretty much your one-stop-shop answer. The owner, Rosie, cooks up some of the best jerk chicken on the island. If you can handle the heat, ask for it extra spicy, you won’t be disappointed.

The Anthony’s Chicken West End menu includes tons of local favorites like fresh seafood, grilled pork sausages and tasty ceviches. Keep in mind that the restaurant is BYOB (although sometimes Rosie has beers in the fridge) and cash only, so make sure to plan accordingly for this Roatan food.

Jerk chicken, pico, rice & beans and fried plantains from Anthony's Chicken – one of the best restaurants in Roatan
Spicy jerk chicken with coconut rice and beans, fried plantains and pico.

11. Pazzo

Another top mention on the list of tastiest restaurants Roatan, Pazzo serves the best handmade pasta on the island! Unfortunately, it’s no secret, so you almost always need a reservation as the seating is fairly limited. Pazzo is BYOB and, since it’s basically a crime to eat handmade pasta without wine, you’re going to want to stock up. Thankfully, if you forget to stop at the grocery store there’s a little bodega across the street that offers adequate wine choices in a pinch.

12. Gingers Caribbean Grill

Ginger’s is the perfect spot for a round of appetizers and sunset drinks in West End. Although the entrées are very tasty, it tends to be one of the more expensive spots in town. However, if you’re in the mood for a nice atmosphere and an American menu, Ginger’s is a great option.

The Gingers Caribbean Grill menu always includes some delicious daily specials like grilled lobster wraps, coconut shrimp, and blackened snapper. If you’re really lucky, you might find lionfish ceviche on the menu, but as the popularity of spearfishing grows, lionfish are becoming more and more scarce in the region.

The owners of Gingers Roatan have two adorable puppers that, if you ordered meat, might grace you with their presence during your meal!

Guac and chips from Ginger's Grill

13. Loretta’s Island Cooking – The Best Restaurant in Roatan ⭐️

Loretta’s is a tiny, outdoor establishment that serves homemade island cuisine. The Loretta’s Island Cooking menu has plenty of options, but everything is so fresh that availability depends on the day. With only four tables in the entire restaurant, you might be in for a wait on a busier night. Loretta’s serves some of the best seafood in Roatan, so I would definitely suggest trying the conch in cream sauce. Although the sauce is pretty rich, it’s offset by the lightness of the rice and crispy plantains.

Although Loretta’s Roatan does serve alcohol, their choices are very limited so they allow patrons to bring in alcohol from outside. Loretta’s is my personal vote for the best restaurant in Roatan!

Loretta’s Hours:
Monday through Saturday 7:00AM-8:00PM
Closed on Sundays

Conch in garlic cream sauce with plantains, beans and rice from the best restaurant in Roatan – Loretta's
Conch in garlic cream sauce with plantains, beans, and rice.

14. Roatan Oasis – The Best Roatan Fine Dining

If you’re looking for the perfect fine dining Roatan restaurant for a romantic, West End date night, look no further than Roatan Oasis. With an internationally inspired menu and tons of craft cocktails, Oasis is one of the nicest restaurants in the area. Although you have to be in the mood to splurge, everything we ordered was insanely delicious! The only thing I would not recommend ordering, is the Aperol Spritz (living in Italy has made me a bit of a spritz-snob).

We started the meal out with spicy Korean lettuce wraps and followed it up with squid ink pasta, a tofu tower and seared ahi tuna. Finally, we finished up the meal strong with a round of tasty espresso martinis!

15. Cafe Escondido Roatan

Located on the main stretch of West End, Cafe Escondido is one of my favorite spots to work from during the week. The coffee is delicious, the view is beautiful and the ever-changing menu has something for everyone…especially when it comes to Honduran breakfast food. My only complaint about this little cafe is that they close at 2:00PM, since I’d love to stay and work all day on their strong wifi.

The prices at Cafe Escondido are very reasonable! I would suggest trying the Everything Burrito with scrambled eggs, your choice of meat, cheese and beans in a homemade, fresh flour tortilla. That was one seriously delicious Honduran burrito.

The steps to Cafe Escondido outside West End Divers.
Scrambled egg breakfast burrito with a homemade tortilla.

16. Tequila Jack’s at Brisas del mar

Tequila Jack’s is the Brisas del Mar restaurant (Brisas is one of the best hotels in West End). Not only is Tequila Jacks Roatan a great place to hang out for a Roatan pool day, but their food is some of the best I’ve had in the area! I’ve spent quite a bit of time at Brisas del Mar and, as a result, have tried a lot of the menu items at Tequila Jack’s.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, I’ve tried has been absolutely delicious, but my favorites include their Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, jalapeño poppers and mozzarella sticks. And don’t forget to wash it all down with one of Roatan’s best margaritas.

Tequila Jacks is one of the best restaurants in Roatan at Brisas del Mar
Philly Cheesesteak.

17. Lily Pond House

Lily Pond House Restaurant is one of West End’s hidden treasures! Located down a side street in Halfmoon Bay, Lily Pond is run by a British Expat and his elderly and disabled Shar-Pei, Zeus (who sadly passed away in 2022). Of all the restaurants in Roatan, Lily Pond has a completely unique atmosphere. The space is filled with cushy armchairs, swinging hammock-style seats, mood lighting and, of course, a serene lily pond.

The owner prefers the space to be low-key and quiet, so he doesn’t accept many customers per night. I would suggest stopping by and making a reservation in-person if you’d like this serene dining experience!

Trigger warning: there is a bat feeder inside the restaurant. If you’re terrified of bats, this might not be the restaurant for you.

18. Raul’s Tacos – The Best Honduran Street Food

If you’re looking for affordable Roatan street food (or late-night drunk food after hitting the bars), look no further than Raul’s Taco Stand in West End. Located in the main roundabout, Raul’s serves some of the best Honduran food in Roatan with his made-to-order Honduran tacos and gringas plates smothered in pico and hot sauce.

Raul usually starts serving around 5:00PM and stays out for the drunk stragglers walking home from the bars (around 2:00AM).

Roatan street food from Raul's Tacos
Gringas plate with flour tortillas.

19. Pura Vida Roatan

Pura Vida is new on the West End Roatan restaurants scene. The little outdoor establishment is located in Half Moon Bay near Ginger’s (right next door to the gelato shop) and serves up some seriously tasty Costa Rican food. Stop by to feast on ceviche, tico dishes and fresh seafood – as well as a couple fruit-filled glasses of sangria.

🍷 Warning:

The Pura Vida Roatán menu is severely lacking in one area – beer. As of March 2023, the Costa Rican restaurant only serves sangria and champagne-based cocktails. However, if you are hankering for some island beer, they’ll usually let you BYOB (bring your own beer).

Delicious mixed ceviche and plantain fritters from Pura Vida.
Mixed ceviche.
A hearty meal from Pura Vida one of the best restaurants in Roatan
The “Casado Tico” plate.

20. Luna Bean Cafe at Luna Beach Resort

If you’re wondering where to eat in Roatan, consider Luna Bean – another newbie on the Roatan restaurants West End scene. Trust me, you won’t soon forget this Honduras breakfast menu.

Luna Beach Resort was only completed in 2022 at the far end of West End, however, their on-site cafe opened months before the hotel. This cozy beach-side restaurant is the perfect spot to try some delicious Honduras breakfast foods…with a gorgeous view of the Caribbean.

Random fact…the bathrooms located outside and around the corner of Luna Bean are some of the nicest bathrooms on the island 😂.

Luna Bean Hours:
Every day 7:00AM – 5:00PM
*Breakfast is only served until noon daily

Breakfast from Luna Beach Cafe in West End
Scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrowns from Luna Bean Cafe

21. Silversides Restaurant & Bar

Especially considering their new location in West End, Silversides is easily one of the best brunch restaurants in Roatan. They offer a huge menu, and every single option is incredibly delicious! Silversides was the first place I tried lionfish in Roatan, and it was pretty much life-changing. I would definitely suggest ordering it if you see it on the menu.

This seafood charcuterie board (pictured below) was hands-down one of my favorite meals during my March 2024 Roatan trip. I feasted on grilled shrimp, fresh ceviche, some of the best tuna sashimi I’ve ever tasted, and even a mini lobster roll. Paired with an expertly made Aperol Spritz, it was a meal to remember in Roatan.

The delicious seafood charcuterie board from Silverside's in West End—piled high with ceviche, grilled shrimp, and even a mini lobster roll.
The seafood charcuterie board from Silversides.

The Best Restaurants in West Bay Roatan

Although it’s home to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, West Bay is not the most affordable spot to spend a night out on the town. Restaurants here tend to be a lot pricier than options in West End and the rest of Roatan, but you can still find tasty (and sometimes affordable) eats if you know where to go.

Be sure to pack accordingly for the perfect Roatan beach day! This means a sun hat, san flea cream, and plenty of sunscreen SPF 30 or above.

food in roatan

22. The Beach Club San Simon

Bottomless mimosas? YES PLEASE. The Beach Club San Simon, located in Mayan Princess Resort (one of the nicest resorts in Roatan), is the place to be for Sunday brunch on the island. $30 will get you a brunch appetizer, an entrée and all the mimosas and Bloody Marys you can drink. To be honest, after the built-in gratuity and taxes are added, you’re looking at closer to $45 for brunch. Just make sure to drink your fill and get your money’s worth.

During high season, San Simon can get pretty crowded for brunch. I would suggest calling ahead and making a reservation to make sure there’s space for you to guzzle mimosas for three hours. If you can’t get ahold of them on the phone, send them a message on Instagram to reserve a table.

Delicious tuna sashimi from San Simon.
The eggs benedict from San Simon.

23. Argentinian Grill Roatan

With locations in both West End and West Bay, Argentinian Grill is a great place for an upscale meal in Roatan. They have an extensive wine list featuring lots of delicious Malbecs. The Argentinian Grill West Bay menu also includes tons of steaks and fresh seafood options. As a bonus, if you book a fishing charter, you can bring your catch back to Argentinian and they’ll cook it up for you with tons of fresh sides!

Both locations serve the same menu, but the West Bay Beach location is one of the best places to eat in West Bay due to it’s perfect view of the beach.

Be prepared to pay a premium, steakhouses don’t come cheap in Roatan!

A hearty grilled lobster tail paired with steak grilled to perfection from Argentinian Grill West Bay.
The surf and turf from Argentinian Grill in West Bay.

24. Kismet Beach Bar

Living on Lighthouse Point for my first month on the island (don’t worry – Roatan is very safe!), I was no stranger to The Meridian’s on-site restaurant, Kismet Beach Bar. Kismet is one of the best restaurants in Roatan for watching those famous Caribbean sunsets. The Meridian also has a small, private beach right outside the restaurant. So it’s a great spot to order a Monkey LaLa drink and relax in a beach chair!

The Kismet Beach Bar West Bay menu includes tons of fresh seafood and authentic Honduran food options like chicken in coconut cream sauce, penne with mixed seafood and lobster thermidor.

Fish tacos from Kismet, the Meridian's on-site beach restaurant
Fish tacos and piña coladas.

25. The Hangover Hut Roatan

One of the best West Bay Beach restaurants in Roatan is the Hangover Hut. It’s a great spot to listen to some live music on a Wednesday or Saturday afternoon. If you’re hungry, make sure to get there before they run out of pizza! We arrived too late to try some, but the smells wafting out of the oven made me believe the hype that it’s some of the tastiest on the island. However, if you’re traveling on a budget, keep in mind that the Roatan food prices are much higher in West Bay and it may be cheaper to grab dinner in West End ahead of time.

Outside of the Hangover Hut in West Bay.

26. Dana’s

Dana’s Cafe is definitely one of the most underrated West Bay Roatan restaurants. This little slice of Baleada paradise is tucked away on the walk from Turtle Beach to West Bay. Dana’s Kitchen is a locally-run shop serving up tasty Honduran favorites like chicken baleadas and pastelitos. Dana and her crew don’t speak English, so you might want to utilize your handy Google Translate app (or just use the point-and-pray method).

This spot is a bit “off-the-grid,” so just follow the “Dana’s” signs on the beach to find it!

Scrambled egg baleada from Dana's in Turtle Beach
Baleada with eggs, mantequilla and pickled onions.
Beef and chicken pastelitos from Dana's
Beef & chicken pastelitos.

27. La Placita

If you’re looking for affordable Honduran restaurants in West Bay, La Placita is the place to be. Literally meaning “the little plaza,” La Placita is a collection of quick eats and street food just off of the beach. There are tons of great options including pupusas, baleadas, gelato, tacos and more. If you’re willing to try a few stands, you might just stumble upon some of the best food in Roatan.

La Placita is the best place to find affordable restaurants in Roatan West Bay
Take-out chicken, tortillas, rice and beans from La Placita in West Bay Roatan
Grilled chicken with veggie rice, salad and corn tortillas and oven chicken with veggie rice, bread and salad.

28. Luna Muna at Ibagari Boutique Hotel

Although technically in West Bay, Ibagari Boutique Hotel is located halfway between West End and West Bay on Tamarind Drive. The easiest way to get there is by water taxi from either West Bay or West End.

Ibagari is a very high end resort, and Luna Muna‘s prices reflect the luxurious atmosphere. However, if you want to experience one of the best restaurants in West Bay Roatan on a budget, head to Luna Muna for breakfast! Their breakfast menu is very reasonably priced, with entrees in the $12 range, and everything is absolutely delicious. The price of an entree includes any coffee of your choice and a fresh glass of the daily juice.

Delicious lobster eggs Benedict from Luna Muna, some of the best food in Roatan
Lobster eggs benedict.

29. Kristi’s Island Kitchen

Everyone’s favorite overlook just got a brand-spanking-new West Bay location! Introducing—Kristi’s Island Kitchen.

Conveniently located right across the street from our most recent accommodation, we made sure to make reservations at Kristi’s for our last night in town (which was no small feat considering we had 11 people). While Kristi’s Overlook (located halfway across the island on top of a hill) specializes in Tex Mex, Kristi’s Island Kitchen specializes in typical island cuisine like red snapper, grilled shrimp, and fish tacos (pictured below). Our food was absolutely delicious, and we’ll definitely be back on our next trip to West Bay!

Crispy fish tacos from Krisit's Island Kitchen—one of the best restaurants in Roatan.
Crispy fish tacos.

30. Octopus

Octopus is the newest addition to West Bay Mall. In addition to being a mini-mart, Octopus offers a tasty lunch menu featuring sandwiches, quesadillas, and—everyone’s favor island cuisine—baleadas.

I ordered a special baleada with red beans, scrambled eggs, mantequilla, pickled onions, and lots of hot sauce. It was the perfect lunch before a day spent relaxing on West Bay Beach. At around $2.50, it also couldn’t have been more affordable.

A hearty baleada from Octopus in West Bay Mall.
The special baleada with scrambled eggs and mantequilla.

31 . Paradise Beach Resort

During my latest trip to Roatan in March of 2024, the family and I stayed at Ocean One Villas—a luxurious property owned by the Paradise Beach Resort in West Bay. Guests of Ocean One had all the perks of guests staying at Paradise, including beach and beach chair access, free towel rental, and use of the on-site fitness center. Since it was so convenient, we ate at the Paradise Restaurant more than once during our stay.

Let me just say—this seafood soup was ridiculous. A flavorful, coconut milk base was filled with grilled shrimp, massive pieces of conch, and one healthy-sized lobster tail. It was so good, I ordered it more than once!

Fresh mix ceviche and fried plantains from Paradise.
Mixed fish ceviche.
A flavorful bowl of seafood soup from Paradise Restaurant.
Seafood soup with shrimp, lobster, and conch.

Other Restaurants in Roatan

If you’re an American tourist, chances are you’ll be spending the bulk of your time in West Bay or West End. However, that doesn’t mean the rest of the island doesn’t have its fair share of tasty, local eats. If you venture further east, past Coxen Hole, don’t miss these awesome spots!

32. Roatan Island Brewing Co.

Beer lover or not, you’re not going to want to skip a trip to the Roatan Brewing Company. As the only brewery on the island, it’s a very popular spot on the weekends (weather permitting). The brewery is currently open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 AM–5:00 PM. It’s located a bit of a hike from West End, so you’ll need to rent a car or take a cab.

Sunday-Fundays are the most popular days at the brewery! In addition to offering tons of tasty tap beers, the brewery also serves some truly delicious meals, so it’s the perfect place to grab lunch with some brews.

A day at the brewery is definitely one of the best things to do when visiting Roatan.

A cubano sandwich from the Roatan Brewing Company
The cubano sandwich.
The Roatan Brewing Company is one of the best restaurants in Roatan

33. The Sunken Fish

Another must-visit spot on your foodie tour of Roatan is The Sunken Fish Restaurant at Tranquilseas Eco Lodge in Sandy Bay. This quaint and tasty spot is well-known for its amazing sunset views and delicious tropical cocktails (as well as being a high end restaurant in Sandy Bay)! If you’re looking for an island vibe, I would suggest ordering the coco loco served in a fresh coconut and the spicy Caribbean octopus with baby potatoes and carrot puree.

As one of the best Sandy Bay Roatan restaurants, Tranquilseas boasts incredible ocean views from every table. If you’re lucky, you might witness the dolphin trainers from Anthony’s Key Resort Roatan taking the dolphins out for their morning “walk” before the first group of tourists! Eating your avocado toast and witnessing a dolphin flip out of the water is a sight to remember (oh did I mention the breakfast is BOMB?).

Brunch from the Sunken Fish at Tranquilseas Eco Lodge Roatan
Avocado toast and the typical Honduran breakfast with eggs, red beans, avocado, plantains and chorizo.

34. Hole in the Wall Roatan

Located well off the beaten path in Jonesville, Hole in the Wall is a Roatan staple not to be missed on any trip to the East Side. Best described as a wooden shack built on a dock over the water, Hole in the Wall is the definition of “dive bar.” The little restaurant and bar is full of character and well-enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Fair warning: the owner, Captain Ed, is….let’s just say “a character.” Unless you’re very conservative, I would suggest not engaging him in a political discussion. Oh and whatever you do don’t touch the monkey. It bites women.

Lobster nachos from Hole in the Wall Roatan.
Lobster nachos.

35. La Sirena de Camp Bay

Another restaurant and bar built directly over the water, La Sirena is located a bit further east directly on Camp Bay Beach. They have a great atmosphere and frequently offer live music during the week. The La Sirena de Camp Bay menu is filled with classic bar food like burgers and chicken wings as well as fresh seafood options like different types of ceviche and grilled shrimp.

I thoroughly enjoyed my food at La Sirena! Although I have to advise you not to get sucked into the 2-for-1 jalapeño margarita special. I LOVE spicy food, and I couldn’t take more than two sips before dumping it out. My entire face was on fire.

Fresh lionfish ceviche and homemade tortilla chips from La Sirena.
Lionfish ceviche and homemade chips.
A hummingbird flying around the feeder at La Sirena in Camp Bay.

36. Kristi’s Overlook

If you like your Bloody Marys to come with a view, then you need to head to Kristi’s Overlook Roatan. Kristi’s is a 45 minute drive from West End, but it’s the perfect stopping point if you’re headed across the island to Camp Bay. The Kristi’s Overlook menu is full of tasty Tex Mex plates like enchiladas and fajitas as well as plenty of local cocktails. The best part is the beautiful view of the East side of the island!

37. Camp Bay Lodge

If you plan on venturing out to Camp Bay during your time in Roatan, I would highly suggest stopping by for a meal at Camp Bay Lodge. During my first month on the island, I ended up staying the weekend at the lodge. I was served some of the tastiest seafood I’ve ever tried in my life. The meal highlight of the weekend was easily the seafood soup. With a coconut and tomato base, this soup was filled with shrimp, lobster tails and all the conch you could eat. We only paid $15/bowl at one of the best food places in Roatan!

A bowl of seafood soup from Camp Bay Lodge Roatan

ATMs in Roatan and Currency in Honduras

The currency in Roatan is the Honduran Lempira (HNL). Many of the restaurants on this list are cash only, so you may need to hit the ATM. Some ATMs in Roatan are unreliable, so I would advise against using a random ATM on the street. If you’re in West End, I always prefer to walk the five minutes to the Petrosun and take out cash from one of the two ATMs inside the gas station. I’ve never had an issue with either of them. There is an ATM in the middle of West End next to Roa Market, but I find the Petrosun ATMs to be more reliable.

If you’re in West Bay and in need of an ATM, I would suggest walking to the resort Infinity Bay and using the ATM in the lobby. There’s another ATM in West Bay Mall, but I wouldn’t suggest using it unless it’s an emergency. The last time I used it, my credit card was charged and I was not given the cash I paid for. Be sure to carry plenty of cash, there are lots of cash only restaurants in Roatan.

The Best Restaurants in Roatan FAQs:

What kind of food is Roatan known for?

The foods Roatan is known for is fresh seafood, hearty baleadas (you’ll learn what this is later on!), ceviche, fried or jerk chicken, hot sauce, beans and rice and fried plantains. In recent years, as the island has become more popular with tourists, you are now able to find a lot of international cuisine in Roatan as well as local. 

Is there McDonald’s in Roatan?

There is NO McDonald’s in Roatan as of January of 2023. The only fast food you can find on the island is currently Bojangles, a fried chicken fast-food chain from the Southern U.S. located in Coxen Hole Roatan. The good news is that restaurants in Honduras are so yummy, you won’t feel the need to munch on fast food!

Are restaurants in Roatan affordable? / Is Roatan Expensive?

Roatan has some very cheap restaurants. A local beer will usually set you back 50 HNL or around 2 USD. Baleadas in Roatan from a local shop will cost around 1-2 USD and street food is very cheap. A sit-down meal at a restaurant in West Bay or West End could get a little pricier (around $25-60 for two people). Overall, living in Roatan is very affordable.

Can you drink the water in Roatan?

Absolutely not, not drinking the tap water is the first of my survival tips for Honduras. Many of us sustainable travelers cringe at the idea of having to buy a plastic water bottle, but unfortunately you might not have a choice on Roatan. The tap water on the island will make you sick, so don’t drink it under any circumstances. If you have a sensitive stomach, I would recommend not even brushing your teeth with it.
Keep in mind, you can’t drink the water anywhere in Honduras – not Roatan, Utila, or even major hotspots on the mainland like Copan Ruinas.

Can you use US dollars in Roatan?

Yes. Many of the best West End restaurants and West Bay restaurants in Roatan will accept US Dollars as well as Honduran Lempira. However, sometimes paying in USD will result in incorrect change. And keep in mind, nowhere in Roatan will accept torn or crumpled US bills.

Where is Roatan Island?

Roatan is an island located 40 miles off the coast of mainland Honduras. It’s one of the Honduran Bay Islands, which also include nearby Utila and Guanaja. If you look at a Roatan map, most of the restaurants on this list are concentrated on the west end of the island.
The Bay Islands are very easy to get to, with flights leaving for Roatan daily from major hubs like Atlanta, Miami, and Houston.

roatan food

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of delicious restaurants in Roatan, Honduras…you just need to know where to look. Most of the spots on this list are concentrated on the West side of the island. If you venture further into the center of Roatan, or even the East side, you’ll find tons of great, local options for an even lower price. For more delicious, and insanely cheap, Honduran food, consider a trip to Utila instead. Or better yet, don’t choose between Roatan vs. Utila – just visit them both!

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Best restaurants in Roatan pin
Best restaurants in Roatan pin

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