• The Best Bavarian Restaurants in Munich

    I’ve been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time in Munich during the Fruhlingsfest and Oktoberfest seasons. During that time, I’ve made it my mission to find and eat at the best and most traditional Bavarian restaurants in Munich! German food is not for everyone, it’s very meat and bread heavy, but personally I love every bit of it. Make sure to eat your fill of tasty Bavarian food during your time in Munich! If you’d like some suggestions of what to do and see around the city, check out my post Two Weeks in Munich.   Hofbräuhaus One of the most famous biergartens in Munich, Hofbräuhaus literally means…

  • A Day-Trip to Česky Krumlov

    During the hectic summer months in central Europe, sometimes the best destinations are the ones off the beaten path. Česky Krumlov is one of the Czech Republic’s hidden gems and, located less than three hours from Prague, is the perfect escape away from the bustling city. Although it’s a bit of a trek for a day trip, the charm of Česky Krumlov’s quaint medieval streets will steal your heart and leave you lost in the magic of this historic city. Keep reading for my tried-and-true suggestions of what to do in Česky Krumlov! How to get there from Prague Many tour companies offer day trips to Česky Krumlov from Prague.…

  • Two Weeks in Munich

    Although Munich is a fantastic city to visit any time of the year, the city truly flourishes during festival season. Oktoberfest, late-September through early-October, and Fruhlingsfest, late-April through early-May, are the ideal times to visit Munich. So pack up your dirndl (or lederhosen) and get ready to Prost! However, as much fun as the festivals […]

  • Czech-in’ Out Prague

    Ahoj readers! A trip to Europe isn’t complete without boarding a super-sketchy Ryanair flight and Czech-in’ out Prague (feel free to laugh at my hilarious pun).  Although we could only spend two days in this gorgeous city, it ended up being one of my favorite trips, and not only cause I got to pet a […]