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The Best Roatan Nightlife: 15 Beach Bars You Can’t Miss

Although Roatan is known primarily for its amazing scuba diving, this beautiful island is much much more than just colorful reefs. There are pristine beaches, delicious Honduran cuisine, exciting island adventures and a booming nightlife scene. Since Honduras lifted its 10PM COVID curfew, the Roatan nightlife is back with a vengeance.

Most of the nightlife on this list is concentrated in West End, the “expat” area of the island. However, you can find fun bars and exciting nightlife all over Roatan! Keep reading for the best of Roatan Honduras nightlife.

Roatan Nightlife in West End

If experiencing island night life is on your bucket list, West End Roatan is the place to start. Keep reading for the best bars in West End, all located across the street from West End Beach Roatan. And don’t forget your YETI tumbler when you’re packing your suitcase for Roatan…unless you like drinking lukewarm beer.

Thankfully, the cost of living in Roatan Honduras is relatively low…and the prices at the best bars in Roatan Honduras reflect that affordability. 

Pro tip: If you’re looking for the best nightlife in Honduras…you might need to plan a trip to Utila. 😉 When comparing Roatan and Utila‘s nightlife scenes, Utila’s takes the cake.

1. Franks Hideaway Roatan

If you’re tipsy on Salva Vidas and in the mood to dance…look no further than Frank’s Cigar Bar. Frank’s is made up of two separate buildings right next to each other, with an outdoor bar, DJ and dance floor in between. The building on the left serves as a bar and restaurant (with yummy food!) and the building on the right is the Cigar Bar.

Other than Mondays when they’re closed, Frank’s is popping pretty much every day of the week! Be prepared to get sweaty on that dance floor.

A visit to Roatan is never complete without a couple nights at Frank’s Hideaway. It’s truly the best nightlife on the island for both Roatan expats and locals.

The front of Frank's Hideaway. If you're looking for a dance floor, this is the best Roatan Nightlife has to offer.

2. Blue Marlin

Sadly, Blue Marlin was closed for the pandemic during the full year I lived in Roatan. It re-opened right when I left and, from what I hear, it’s just as popular now as it was before COVID hit.

A typical Roatan night out starts at Sundowners. Party-goers stay and sip Salva Vidas on the beach until 10:00PM when the bar closes, then everyone migrates over to Blue Marlin (or Frank’s) to enjoy the rest of the night. If you visit Blue Marlin during your time in Roatan, leave a comment below and let me know how you liked it!

Enjoying a cold Salva Vida inside Blue Marlin in West End—in 2024 this is definitely the best nightlife in Roatan.

3. Sundowners Beach Bar

Located smack-dab in the middle of Half Moon Bay, Sundowners is notorious for being one of the best Roatan bars for expats and one of the best beach bars in Roatan. During the day, it’s the perfect place to snag a beach chair and enjoy a few Salva Vidas or Monkey La Las with a beautiful view of the water.

At night, however, it’s the star of Half Moon Bay nightlife! Sundowners is the perfect place to drink, laugh and meet other tourists or expats living on Roatan. Sundowners has tons of fun theme nights during the week: like Taco Tuesday, live music on Tuesdays and Fridays and Music Trivia on Thursdays. Although they used to be a cash-only establishment, Sundowners Roatan now accepts both Venmo and PayPal. I would still suggest bringing plenty of Honduran lempira or US dollars to keep things simple.

When it comes to West End Roatan nightlife, it doesn’t get much better than Sundowners. It’s also located right next door to my favorite scuba dive shop, Sun Divers!

Sundowners Beach Bar Roatan
Sundowners in West End is the main expat bar on the Roatan Nightlife scene

4. Happy Harry’s Hideaway

Did someone say karaoke?? Happy Harry’s Hideaway is one of the best places in Roatan to enjoy karaoke! Stop by on Thursdays for some tasty cocktails and a chance to sing your heart out on the mic.

Happy Harry’s is also a great place to relax during the day. The whole bar is surrounded by hammocks and beach chairs and you can jump straight into the ocean from the second floor balcony!

An aerial shot of Happy Harry's Hideaway in West End.

5. Booty Bar

Booty Bar Roatan is another great bar if you’re in the mood to dance! They have a dance floor and DJ, but unfortunately they’re both inside so it does tend to get pretty sweaty. Booty Bar is actually made up of two buildings across the street from each other. One side hangs over the water and is the perfect place for casual drinking and watching the game on TV (American football or otherwise). They’re also my favorite place to go for delicious chicken wings on the island.

The skull sign inside Booty Bar in West End.

6. Tequila Jacks at Brisas del Mar

Brisas del Mar is a beautiful new hotel located at the end of West End that happens to be one of the best hotels in Roatan. Their on-site bar and restaurant, Tequila Jacks Roatan, is a hot new spot on the list of Roatan Honduras nightlife. It also happens to be one of my favorite restaurants in Roatan!

Back when the hotel was brand new, they used to throw weekly Techno parties on Mondays. Now that they’ve been around almost a year, the Techno parties are a bit less frequent…but still loads of fun.

An aerial shot of Brisas del Mar in West End.

7. Tita’s Pink Seahorse

Tita’s is West End’s notorious “chill” bar. It’s located directly on the beach and is the perfect place to relax and unwind with a few beers and a few friends.

It also happens to be an amazing spot to watch a Roatan sunset, which is not to be missed on the list of best Roatan activities. I suggest arriving before 5:00 PM, getting settled with a beer and some tasty food, and watching the sun go down over the sea.

The beach bar at Tita's Pink Seahorse.

Roatan Nightlife in West Bay

Although it tends to be a bit more expensive, there are couple solid spots to get your party on in West Bay Roatan.

8. Infinity Bay Roatan

Infinity Bay is my #1 favorite spot in Roatan to day drink! You don’t need to be staying at the resort to drink at the bar and, depending who’s working and how busy they are, they might just let you in the pool.

Infinity Bay is located right on West Bay Beach, the most picturesque stretch of beach in Roatan, so there will be no shortage of swimming spots even if you can’t use the pool. My favorite day to head to Infinity Bay is Sunday when you can enjoy live music at their beach bar.

Click here to purchase an all-inclusive day pass to Infinity Bay!

An aerial shot of Infinity Bay Resort in West Bay.

9. Beacher’s

If you’re looking for beach bars with live in music in Roatan, look no further than Beacher’s Bar & Grill.

Beacher’s in West Bay (there’s a location in West End too), is a great place to chill and listen to live music on a Wednesday. The band is usually Mid-Life Paradise, which is hot on the Roatan music scene.

Beacher’s is also a restaurant serving fresh seafood and tasty island cuisine in Roatan.

10. The Hangover Hut

Known a the “Home of the Roatanadians,” Hangover Hut is a Canadian-owned West Bay establishment known for their live music and tasty eats! You’ll find this little drinking oasis behind Bananarama Resort on your way from the beach to West Bay Mall. Stop by for live music on Wednesdays and Saturdays starting at 6:30PM to experience the best of Roatan night life.

The outside of Hangover Hut—some of the best nightlife in Roatan on Wednesdays.

Roatan Nightlife on the East End

Honduras nightlife on the East End ends up being more like “daylife” on the East End. Unless you have a place to stay the night, it’s smart to head back to the West Side of the island before dark. However, a day trip to the East End is easily one of the best things to do in Roatan, so if you end up over there for a day trip, make sure to hit these iconic spots.

11. Hole in the Wall

Where do I even start when it comes to Hole in the Wall…let’s just say this spot is memorable. Captain Ed has run this little bar (a hole in the wall is a VERY fitting term) for years now and boy does it have character.

He usually sits at the bar smoking copious amounts of marijuana out of a jar, along with his pet monkey who does NOT like women. Seriously stay away. The decor consists of “Fuck Biden” and “MAGA” signs…so unless you’re of the same opinion I would suggest not broaching the topic.

However, Hole in the Wall is a Roatan Island staple and a super fun way to end a day-trip to the East End Roatan! The bar is located in Jonesville and has a beautiful view of the ocean. Not to mention the food is really yummy.

Hole in the Wall is one of the best bars in the Roatan Nightlife scene...well really daylife
Snuggling a French Bulldog at Hole in the Wall Roatan
A snuggle with my sweet Gordo.

12. La Sirena de Camp Bay

La Sirena on Camp Bay Beach is another great spot to hit on a day-trip to the East End. This little bar and restaurant is situated on a wooden dock over the ocean…so you’re guaranteed some great views. They have tons of hummingbird feeders and the birds are so comfortable with humans that they come right up to you!

Another bonus of La Sirena is they usually have Lionfish on the menu! If you haven’t tried it, I highly suggest you do before leaving Roatan.

The outside of La Sirena de Camp Bay.

13. Kristi’s Overlook

About halfway across the island, you’ll find a restaurant and viewpoint called Kristi’s Overlook. Kristi’s is widely known across the island for serving delicious drinks and having some of the best views in Roatan. Stop by Kristi’s on your way to the east end for a spicy Michelada and a tasty snack with an amazing view.

Other Spots to Drink in Roatan

14. No Regrets

No Regrets is a fun new bar located between West End and Flowers Bay. They have affordable drinks, yummy eats and the are currently the only spot in Roatan I know of where you can shoot pool. The only downside of No Regrets were the huge flying cockroaches…but we are on a tropical island after all.

15. The Roatan Brewing Company

There’s nothing like a fun day at the Roatan Brewing Company to make you fall in love with the island. If you love a craft brew, this is the spot for you. The Roatan Brewery is open Wednesday – Sunday from 11AM-5PM, so make sure to carve out a slot on your itinerary.

A trip to the brewery is usually a half-day event in Roatan! In addition to beer, they have fun lawn games, tasty eats and it’s a popular spot for the island craft market to set up and sell their goods.

A cubano sandwich from the Roatan Brewing Company
The Roatan Brewing Company

FInal Thoughts

There you have it! Your ultimate travel guide to nightlife in Roatan. I hope you enjoy plenty of dance floors and Salva Vidas during your time on the island. It’s a special place.

Roatan is a relatively safe island, but it’s always a good idea to abide by certain safety precautions – especially as a solo female traveler. Never let your drink out of your sight, don’t get shitfaced alone and make sure you always have a safe way to get home before you go out for the night. If you follow the same safety principles you would anywhere else, you’ll be plenty safe in Roatan.

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