26 Unique Travel Gift Ideas in Time for the Holidays

26 Unique Travel Gift Ideas in Time for the Holidays
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What better way to say “I love you” to your travel-loving friends and family than with a thoughtful, travel themed holiday gift? As an avid traveler, I’ve curated a long list of practical and unique travel gift ideas that either have already been useful, or would be useful to have on my travels. From noise cancelling headphones for light sleepers to packing cubes for organized travelers, you’ll find plenty of unique travel gift ideas and inspiration on this holiday gift guide!

**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you buy something through those links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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Unique Travel Gift Ideas

Passport Holder

A passport holder is a simple but practical travel gift that makes organizing boarding passes, luggage tags, COVID tests and credit cards exponentially easier. Since purchasing my first passport holder in 2016, it’s been a necessary addition to my travel gear and makes a fun travel gift for your travel-obsessed loved ones!

I prefer passport holders made of leather, since they tend to be more durable in the long run. This classic Coach case in black leather is one of my favorites or, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, try this brown leather case from Madewell. For something a little less traditional, check out this cute holder by Kate Spade.

Personal Item Backpack

A small backpack is the perfect gift for the travel lover! Not only are they useful when traveling and exploring new cities, but they make a great personal item on an airplane.

I’m currently loving The Backpack in black from Béis Travel. It’s roomy, affordable, matches everything and has cute leather accents on the bottom and sides! Another great option is the Rowledge backpack by Lo & Sons. It attaches to your carry on and has a convenient laptop pocket that’s perfect for digital nomads.

If you’re looking for a personal item that can double as an adventure backpack, look no further than the Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack. A steal at only $146, it’s perfect for both long haul flights and unexplored hiking trails.

Apple Watch

An Apple Watch is the perfect gift for travel lovers and digital nomads alike! You can receive and respond to messages directly on the watch, instead of pulling out your iPhone in inconvenient situations around the world. The watch is also waterproof, which means you don’t need to think twice about wearing it while swimming, boating, kayaking or participating in any water activity.

Belt Bag

Although they used to be deemed “uncool,” fanny packs are making a comeback on the travel scene! A simple belt bag or fanny pack is one of my favorite travel gifts since it can be useful for any situation all over the world. This belt bag by Lululemon is the perfect addition to this travel gift guide since its lightweight, water resistant and comes in a variety of different colors. Its fabric and size make it the perfect bag for exploring a new city or embarking on a strenuous hike.

If you’re looking for something a little more fashionable, check out this nylon belt bag from Kate Spade or this leather version from Michael Kors. Both can easily be dressed up for a night out on the town!

Stowaway Pack

A stowaway backpack is one of my favorite unique travel gift ideas since I bought my first one from LL Bean in 2020. The LL Bean pack remains one of my favorites since it’s lightweight, very affordable and comes with an internal stow pocket for easy packing.

I also love this colorful stowaway pack from Eddie Bauer. Grab it fast while it’s still on sale!

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Hiking with my LL Bean stowaway pack.

Packable Jacket

A packable jacket is a unique travel gift that any wanderer will love! They don’t take up much suitcase space and they’re practical to use as light jacket in almost any climate. LL Bean has some great packable jacket options like this jacket for women and this jacket for men. They both come in a variety of different colors and sizes!

Suitcase Set

There’s nothing that says savvy traveler like a matching suitcase set. I’m currently obsessed with this berry carry-on and checked bag duo by TUMI. Although the suitcase is hard shell (and keeps your possessions safe from being tossed around an airport), it comes with a built in lever system that expands the inside of the case.

Additionally, Rebecca Minkoff sells some seriously cute suitcase sets like this Chevron Hardside Spinner carry-on and matching checked bag! And if you need more options, Herschel is also known for their simple and durable roller bags like this trade luggage carry-on in ash rose.

Last, but definitely not least, Vera Bradley offers some adorable luggage sets in their signature floral patterns. Check out the Rosa Floral carry-on and matching checked bag here!

Straw Hat

Straw hats are perfect for your traveling friends that can’t get enough of the tropics. Not only do they keep the sun off your face, but they’re always the perfect prop for taking beautiful travel photos!

Amazon has tons of great options like this simple straw beach hat, but the serious travel influencers know that the Gigi Pip hats are the real deal. The Capri Short hat is one of my favorites and is guaranteed to keep your skin young and your photos phenomenal no matter where you travel!

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Bathroom Kit

A reliable bathroom kit is a must-have for travelers. LL Bean sells tons of practical and durable options like their Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag. This is what I use for a bathroom bag while traveling and it’s held up well for four years and counting!

If you’re looking for something a little girlier, check out this floral vanity case by Vera Bradley. It comes in a variety of different patterns and styles!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

When you’re stuck on a 14 hour flight next to a screaming baby, nothing is going to be more valuable to you than your noise cancelling headphones. For reasons like this, a good pair of headphones is top of the list when it comes to useful travel gifts.

The tech experts say that the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones currently hold the spot of best noise cancelling headphones money can buy. However, Apple’s new AirPods Max seem to be a close second (although not a more affordable option). Lastly, who can forget Beats by Dre when it comes to the hip headphone game?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, try this wireless option from Sony!

Packing Cubes

If your goal is travel themed gifts, look no further than packing cubes. Not only do these cubes allow you to fit even more in your already jam-packed suitcase, but they make it very easy to organize your items within your bag.

Make sure your friends and family are prepared for their next trip with these packing cubes from Amazon, these pink sand cubes by CALPAK or this practical quad by Paravel.

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A Kindle is the perfect addition to this list of unique travel gift ideas because it keeps you entertained while traveling, but doesn’t reduce any of your precious suitcase space or weight. Although nowadays you can easily download books to your iPhone or iPad, a Kindle is great because you can read without glare. This feature especially comes in handy when reading on a beach, in the dessert or anywhere with a harsh glare from the sun.

GoPro HERO10 Black

GoPros are the perfect gift for the adventure traveler that loves to document his or her travels through photography. Whether you’re zip lining through Costa Rica, ATVing through Morocco, surfing in Hawaii or cliff jumping in New Zealand, a GoPro is the perfect way to capture these once-in-a-lifetime memories hands-free. For the 2021 holidays, the GoPro HERO10 Black is currently top-of-the-line for adventure travelers.

For a list of my favorite budget photography gear for solo travelers, enter your email below to download my free PDF guide!

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    Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    A portable speaker is high on the list of the best travelers gifts for the holidays! JBL speakers are my absolute favorite bluetooth speakers because they’re affordable, portable, reliable and….drumroll please….waterproof! That makes the JBL Flip 5 the perfect portable speaker for a road trip, beach day, kayaking trip or any other exciting travel activity!

    JBL has a couple other options, like the JBL Clip 3 and the JBL Go 3, that are smaller and perfect for backpackers who are even more limited when it comes to suitcase space.

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Travelers

    Below are some of my favorite unique travel gift ideas for those in need of a small, budget-friendly gift or stocking stuffers for their loved ones!

    YETI Tumbler

    A YETI tumbler is top of the list of practical travel gifts…especially if you live in a tropical destination like Roatán. When I first moved to the Caribbean, I had to endure 90 days of lukewarm or flat out HOT beer before finally making it home and purchasing my first YETI tumbler. If you’re from Wisconsin, warm beer is about the worst thing that can happen to a person.

    Thankfully, I found myself a nice 20 oz. YETI tumbler and never had to drink warm beer again!

    Filtered Water Bottle

    A reliable filtered water bottle is the perfect holiday gift for the environmentally conscious traveler. In certain destinations where it’s unsafe to drink the water, a simple reusable bottle isn’t going to cut it. With a filtered bottle, you never have to worry about getting sick from drinking water whether you’re in the city or hiking in the mountains.

    This GeoPress Purifier by Grayl is consistently rated one of the top filtered water bottles for backpacking. Coming in at a close second is the Sawyer Select filtered water bottle. This Astrea ONE filtered water bottle is reviewed highly for specifically filtering tap water.

    Click here for more tips on how to be an eco-conscious traveler!

    unique travel gift

    Luggage Tags

    Luggage tags make the perfect stocking stuffers since they’re cheap and useful for every type of world traveler! It doesn’t matter if your specialty is long haul flights around the world or domestic train travel. If your suitcase gets lost, you better have a luggage tag on that bad boy.

    I love these simple leather luggage tags from Madewell. Like passport holders, leather luggage tags tend to hold up better than their plastic counterparts. Etsy also sells some cute and customizable options like these colorful tags from geneofstyle. Last, but not least, these floral patterned luggage tags by Vera Bradley are super cute and affordable!

    Apple AirTags

    Let’s talk luggage tags…but make it high tech. Apple has eliminated all the guesswork when it comes to lost luggage with their new AirTags for travel. At only $29 apiece (I know, crazy affordable for Apple) you can track the whereabouts of your luggage through the Find My app on iPhone! The only downside of these tags is that you must be an iPhone owner to use them.

    Luggage Scale

    Affordable, useful and a must-have for any world traveler, a luggage scale is the perfect unique travel gift for your travel-loving friends and family members. This luggage scale from Amazon retails at only $11 and takes all the guesswork out of luggage fees at the airport. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to guess the weight of my suitcase without this tiny device.

    Curling & Flat Iron Cover

    This curling & flat iron cover is one of my favorites on my list of unique travel gifts! I love to use my hair straightener the morning before departing for a new destination. You wouldn’t believe how many times I was forced to carry my burning hot straightener in a taxi or on a train before finally being able to put it back in my suitcase.

    Thankfully, Vera Bradley has solved the all world’s problems with their Curling & Flat Iron Cover. Not only is it practical as hell, but it’s also super cute! At only $25, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer for your travel-loving, unruly-haired family members.

    Microfiber Towel

    If your traveler friends ever frequent hostels on their trips, a microfiber towel makes the perfect budget-friendly gift. I used my microfiber towel so many times during study abroad that I added it to my list of things to pack for study abroad in Europe.

    Many hostels don’t include towels in the price of a bed. Instead, they’ll offer to rent you one or, worst case, sell you one at an incredibly inflated price. These microfiber towels from Amazon are quick-dry and fold up super small in your suitcase to conserve space. They’re a great money-saving hack when you’re hostel hopping all over Europe!

    Eye Mask

    A comfortable eye mask makes the perfect gift for the light sleeper who loves to travel. Let’s be honest, it comes in handy on an airplane even if you sleep like the dead…especially if Ryanair decides to turn the lights on in the middle of the night so they can sell you perfume.

    If you’re looking for a mask with some sass, look no further than these comfy, funny eye masks from Shop Bop: the “Go Away” mask and the “Airplane Mode” mask. I also love this subtle, satin set from Free People and this simple pink eye mask from Revolve.

    unique travel gift

    Neck Pillow

    One of the best gifts you can give a traveler is a comfortable neck pillow. On a long haul flight, it can be the difference between two days of jet lag and feeling completely refreshed in a new destination!

    Many travelers swear by this fitted neck cushion by Muji. I’ve had great experiences with this Amazon J-Pillow because it inflates and deflates for easy storage while traveling. It also keeps its shape better than traditional neck pillows since it’s filled with air.

    Journeys Made Keychain

    If you’re looking for a unique travel gift, this keychain by Journeys Made is perfect for you! At only £14, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer! You can add a few charms for only £4 each if you know some of the countries your loved one has already traveled to. Each time they visit a new country, they can buy a new token for their keychain!

    Embroidered Jewelry Roll

    Packing jewelry for a trip is always a challenge for travelers. This embroidered jewelry roll is the perfect gift to keep your jewelry organized and tangle-free. It even comes with a roll for rings and a designated spot to clip in your earrings for easy transport. At only $44, it’s the perfect unique travel gift!

    Portable Charger

    When it comes to traveling, a portable charger is a must! Not only for the obvious reasons like posting on social media or taking photos, but for legitimate safety concerns. Nowadays, your safety risk while traveling can be greatly decreased with access to Google Maps and emergency services on your smart phone. For this reason, I include packing a portable charger on my list of solo female travel safety tips!

    I swear by this Anker Portable Charger. It’s saved my butt time and time again when my iPhone 7 could’t be trusted to stay charged in Europe. They offer larger versions, but even this little charger should be able to charge your iPhone 2-4 times in one charge.

    If you enjoyed my list of 26 unique holiday gift ideas, you may also enjoy the related posts below! To grab my free guides, “How to Plan Epic Trips” and “The Solo Traveler’s Guide to Photography,” make sure to enter your information below and subscribe to my email list. Happy holidays!

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