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20+ Best Things to Do in Roatan, Honduras (From a Local)

In January of 2021, after almost a year of not traveling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to pack up and spend a month working remotely from Roatan, Honduras in the Bay Islands. A month turned into two months, two months turned into nine weeks and nine weeks turned into living on Roatan for 83 days. I left right before my tourist visa and my bank account ran out, flew home for four weeks to pack more stuff, and headed right back to Roatan where I would remain for the next year.

Although I’ve been lucky enough to visit over 30 countries around the world, there are few places I’ve fallen in love with the way I fell in love with Roatan. Along with the pristine beaches, gorgeous views, delicious food and affordable lifestyle, I met lifelong friends during my year in Roatan and got to know the island in a way most people never get the chance to. Keep reading for a list of my favorite activities in Roatan, Honduras!

Enjoying the pool at Tranquilseas Eco Lodge in Roatan

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Roatan

🏡 Where to Stay in Roatan:

There are plenty of accommodation options for all budgets in Roatan! Browse the list below to find the best hotel or vacation rental for you.




🌴 What to Do in Roatan Honduras:

  • Get your scuba diving certification—I did both my PADI Open Water and my Advanced Certification in Roatan 🤿
  • Visit the Roatan Brewing Company—the brewery is open Wed. – Sun. from 11:00AM until 5:00PM and the best time to go is Sunday 🍺
  • Take an Island Cooking Class 👩🏽‍🍳
  • Go Zip Lining and Horseback Riding 🐴
  • Take a Day Trip to the East Side—learn to kitesurf, visit Punta Gorda, and visit famous Roatan restaurants like Kristi’s Overlook 🚘
  • Spend a Night Partying on Utila – Utila is hugely popular among the budget backpacker community and is a very affordable island to get your scuba diving certifications 🏝️
  • Make sure to pack all essential items on my Roatan packing list 🧳

The Best Things to Do in Roatan in the Water

There are many exciting adventures to take part in on this island paradise…especially when they involve the ocean. If you’re itching to get your toes in the sand, your snorkel underwater or your ass in a boat – keep reading for the top activities to enjoy in Roatan Honduras in the water.

1. Learn to Scuba Dive

The number one best thing to do in Roatan is…drumroll please…scuba diving!! The Bay Islands offers some of the best scuba diving in the world. There’s no excuse to not get certified while you’re in Roatan! There are dive shops located on every corner, so it’s helpful to do your research before you arrive.

We decided to do our Open Water Certification with Sun Divers in West End and loved it! Our teacher, Serena, was incredibly patient and knowledgable about all things scuba diving. The Open Water course itself costs $355 (in cash, there’s a surcharge to use a credit card) and includes the initial Discovery Dive for free.

The marine life in Roatan is spectacular. During my time on the island, I saw eagle rays, turtles, reef sharks, octopus, squid, seahorses and more while exploring Roatan’s many dive sites on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Observing the Caribbean’s marine life in its natural habitat is hands down one of the best activities in Roatan Honduras.

Squids spotted during the day on a dive in Roatan.

2. Go Night Snorkeling

It’s a completely different world underwater when the sun goes down. Don’t miss out on viewing all the amazing nocturnal creatures on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Make sure to head out for a night snorkel during your time in Roatan. If you don’t have your own snorkel equipment or just prefer going out at night with a guide, you can book an awesome excursion through the Seabreeze Inn / Cannibal Cafe in West End. An hour-long night snorkel excursion with all equipment, lights and a guide should only set you back about $30/person and it is worth every penny!

Octopus spotted on a night dive in Roatan Honduras
📸 Photo by Francesca DeWeerdt

3. Kayak or Paddle Board on West Bay Beach

When it comes to Roatan beaches, West Bay Beach is number one on the list of the best beaches in Roatan. This little bay is nothing but white sand and turquoise water as still as glass. This makes it the perfect spot for a kayaking or paddle boarding excursion.

If you plan on renting kayaks in West Bay, I would suggest renting through Argentinian Grill’s West Bay location. You’ll end up saving a lot more per hour than booking through one of the larger resorts on the stretch. You can also rent kayaks through Cannibal Cafe in West End, however the waters in West Bay tend to be a bit calmer and better for kayaking.

Kayaking in West Bay is one of the best things to do in Roatan

4. Book a Fishing Charter

For my 25th birthday, my friends planned a fishing trip/booze-cruise down Roatan’s west coast and it turned out to be one of the best things to do on Roatan.

Keep in mind – we were not serious about fishing. We wanted to sleep in, listen to some music and drink some Salva Vidas while our lines were in the water. For a chill fishing day, we booked some time on my friend Artley’s boat for around $40/person. We caught 6-7 fresh tuna and brought them over to Loretta’s to be cooked up afterwards!

If you’re looking for a serious fishing charter (we’re talking 4:00AM, couple hundy, massive fish), then Wahoo Slayer is more your speed. Contact them on Facebook to set up your fishing charter.

5. Enjoy a Catamaran Sunset Cruise

During your time visiting Roatan, don’t miss out on a Catamaran Sunset Cruise down the west coast of the island. It’s definitely one of the best excursions in Roatan Honduras!

The Stray Cat (great name, right?) catamaran takes patrons out almost daily from the Brisas del Mar dock in West End. The cruise starts at 2:00PM and $65/person gets you unlimited beer and cocktails as well as some tasty meat skewers and snacks on the boat. To book a cruise with the Stray Cat, reach out to Elliot on WhatsApp at +504 3317-3669.

6. Learn to Spear Lionfish

Lionfish are an invasive species in the Caribbean and have wrecked havoc on the reefs for years. In order to combat the problem, Honduras has legalized spearfishing exclusively for lionfish. In order to legally spear lionfish in Roatan, you’ll need to obtain a Bay Islands Lionfish Spearing License. The course to obtain this license costs $70 and includes a spear. Since killing these invasive species helps keep Roatan’s coral reefs healthy and the ecosystem in balance, learning to spear lionfish is definitely one of the more eco-friendly Roatan activities.

Sign up to spear lionfish through the Roatan Marine Park and enjoy one of the best hidden gems in Roatan!

Spearing Lionfish while snorkeling in Sandy Bay

7. Take a Mangrove Tour on the East End

Roatan has the perfect climate to support the growth of mangrove forests. These trees, categorized by a thick tangle of roots, thrive in tropical environments and are a huge contributor to Roatan’s ecosystem.

Roatan’s mangroves grow in beautiful turquoise waters, mainly on the east end of the island, and touring them is a great way to spend a beautiful, sunny day on the island. If you’re interested in booking a mangrove tour, Norman is your man! Contact him on WhatsApp at +504 8740-9209 and expect to pay around $20/person or 500 Honduran Lempira each for a great tour.

No Roatan activity is complete without YETIs full of alcohol
No Roatan activity is complete without YETIs full of alcohol.
Close-up shot of the Roatan mangroves.

The Best Things to Do on Land in Roatan

I get it – not everyone is a water bug on vacation. If you’re rather keep your toes in the sand and your ass on land, no worries! Roatan has plenty of excursions and exciting activities for ocean-wary travelers. Keep reading for the best things to do on land for your next Roatan vacation.

8. Tour the Roatan Chocolate Factory

You may already know that Central America is the birthplace of chocolate. Roatan is doing its best to educate tourists on the history of this delicious treat through tours run by the Roatan Chocolate Factory. They offer free chocolate tours daily and you’ll learn tons about the history of chocolate, how chocolate is made, the cacao plant and where it grows as well as get the opportunity to taste tons of different chocolate made on-site. My favorites were the white chocolate, milk chocolate with chili and the milk chocolate with sea salt.

The Roatan Chocolate Factory also includes a full-service restaurant that serves delicious and reasonably priced Indian food and sandwiches. Its definitely earned its place on the list of what to do in Roatan (and it’s also one of the best free things to do in Roatan).

Chicken korma from the Roatan Chocolate Factory
Handmade chocolate from the Roatan Chocolate Factory

9. Visit the Roatan Brewing Company

Visiting the Roatan Brewing Company is definitely one of the best excursions to take in Roatan. I grew up in Wisconsin, so I LOVE a good craft brewery. Roatan Brewing Company is the only brewery on the island and is definitely worth a visit. It’s a bit of a hike from West End, but you can easily grab a taxi from the main roundabout.

They offer tons of delicious beer on tap as well as lots of yummy options for food. My favorite beers are the Juicy IPA and the Citrus IPA (and their Cubano sandwich was insanely delicious)!

Roatan Brewing Company Hours:
Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00AM-5:00PM

Visiting the Roatan Brewing Company (preferably on Sunday) is one of the best things to do in Roatan
A cubano sandwich from the Roatan Brewery – they also have food!

10. Book a Zip Lining and Horseback Riding Hour

Since I’m allergic to horses and afraid of heights, this was another Roatan excursion that I decided to skip. However, if you’re an adrenaline junkie and not tied back by a crippling allergy, horseback riding and zip lining might be the perfect things for you to do in Roatan! 

Browse Discover Roatan’s Horseback Riding Excursion or consider booking one of their many zip lining tours: like the Jungle Top Zipline Adventure or the Mayan Jungle Canopy Zipline.

11. Book a Relaxing Massage

Booking a professional aromatherapy massage is one of the best things to do on Roatan! Although my favorite massage therapist is no longer available after relocating to the states, he recommends booking with Diana Fajardo. To book, simply send her a message on WhatsApp at +504 9508-5371.

Booking a relaxing massage is one of the best things to do in Roatan

12. Support Local Artisans at the Craft Market

I always love visiting a local craft market! Not only is it fun browsing the creations of local artists, but it feels great to support Roatan’s local economy. Roatan’s craft market tends to rotate locations depending on the week, but the best time to visit is the one Sunday each month when the market is hosted at the Roatan Brewing Company. You can find updates on the location of the craft market on their Facebook page.

My favorite stands include Wild Roatan’s handmade natural products, Giulia’s Handmade Jewelry and Miel Crochet’s handmade tops and bikinis. Make sure to bring cash for all your purchases!

[2024 Update] Since I left the island, Giulia’s has upgraded to her own jewelry truck parked in Coconut Tree Plaza! I visited on my last trip to Roatan and bought some of my new favorite pieces in my jewelry collection. Julia is a true artist – you’re guaranteed to fall in love with her island-inspired pieces during your visit. Visit her truck Tuesday – Saturday from 12:30-6:00PM.

Giulia's jewelry cart in Coconut Tree Plaza Roatan

13. Take an Island Cooking Class

The Roatan Backpacker’s Hostel offers fun and immersive cooking classes through their on-site restaurant, Mel’s Diner. The head chef, Miss Betty, is a wonderful cook and loves passing on her knowledge of Honduran cuisine to hungry and curious travelers. They prefer groups of four or more people, but if you have a smaller group they can sometimes fill in the spots from travelers staying at the hostel.

You can choose from a variety of different yummy meals, including chicken in coconut milk, tapado, machuca, traditional Honduran breakfast and chicharron con yucca with red cabbage and special island sauce. We chose chicken in coconut milk for our class.

Before you leave, make sure to ask Miss Betty when she plans to make a batch of her delicious McCoy! McCoy is a type of Honduran soup usually made with seafood, pork, chicken and sometimes iguana. Miss Betty delivers hearty portions all over the island for only 180 Lempira per bowl.

Making hot sauce in a Honduran cooking class is one of the best things to do in Roatan Honduras
A bowl of chicken and spices from an island cooking class at the Roatan Backpackers Hostel

14. Get Your Brunch on with Bottomless Mimosas at San Simon

They had me at bottomless mimosas. Before you head to Infinity Bay for an afternoon filled with sun and live music, stop by The Beach Club San Simon for a boozy brunch! $30 buys you all-you-can-drink mimosas and Bloody Marys, an appetizer and a brunch entree. It’s the perfect brunch/pregame! Be sure to make a reservation in advance, the restaurant can fill up very quickly.

My fresh tuna starter at San Simone.
A heaping brunch plate from bottomless mimosas at San Simone.

15. Enjoy Live Music on Sunday at Infinity Bay

There’s no better way to enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Roatan than relaxing at Infinity Bay and listening to some live music! Since Infinity Bay is an upscale resort in West Bay, the drinks can get a little pricey. To maintain your budget, do what we did and drink Salva Vidas (50 HNL or $2) to your heart’s content.

Or be a little bougie and purchase an all-inclusive day pass! This option 👈🏼 from Discover Roatan is perfect for cruise ship passengers or those staying on another part of the island since it includes round-trip transporation to Infinity Bay (and a welcome drink!). However, if you’re just relaxing on West Bay Beach, I would recommend buying a day pass from the front desk directly – it’ll end up saving you money.

An aerial shot of Infinity Bay Resort in West Bay Roatan.

16. Dance the Night Away At One of Roatan’s Many Beach Bars

One of my favorite Roatan things to do was participate in the island nightlife.

Things were a little different when I lived in Roatan during the pandemic. But if the nightlife scene was still poppin’ then…can you even imagine what it’s like now? Let me just say, Honduran locals know how to dance.

West End is the place to go to experience Roatan’s nightlife scene, and Frank’s (or as local’s call it, “The Pub”) is the place to go if you’re looking for a dance floor. (You can also find a dance floor at Booty Bar, it just might be a little sweatier).

Frank's Hideaway Bar in West End Roatan.

17. Try the Local Cuisine

I knew little to none about Honduran food before moving to Roatan. Three months of Roatan island cuisine later…my first stop back in Wisconsin was the Latin American grocery store for Honduran sour cream and red refried beans.

The first dish on your Honduran food bucket list should definitely be baleadas. This tasty street food consists of a freshly homemade flour tortilla, refried beans, cheese or mantequilla (Honduran sour cream) and your choice of toppings. I prefer mine with scrambled eggs, avocado, hot sauce and a cold Salva Vida on the side.

Another must-try island dish is, of course, ceviche. I tried many different types of ceviche in Roatan, but my favorite was lionfish ceviche, a must-try if you’re lucky enough to find it. Keep in mind when ordering seafood that just because it’s for sale does not mean it’s a sustainable choice. If you’re questioning which types of seafood you should be ordering, check out the Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide.

A scrambled egg burrito with a homemade tortilla from Cafe Escondido
Breakfast burrito from Cafe Escondido.
A plate of conch in cream sauce – a local seafood dish – from Loretta's Island Cuisine Roatan
Conch in cream sauce from Loretta’s Roatan.

The Best Day & Weekend Trips from Roatan Honduras

Roatan is not too far from mainland Honduras or the other bay islands (like Utila). While you’re hitting all the best things to do on Roatan – why not add a day trip or weekend trip to your list? Below are some great options for venturing out of the west side and seeing a little more of what Honduras has to offer.

Pro tip: if you extend your Roatan vacation, then you won’t have to decide between visiting Roatan or Utila. You can visit both!

18. Take a Day Trip to Camp Bay

Although there’s plenty of awesome stuff to do on the West side, the peaceful East Side is definitely one of the best places to visit in Roatan Honduras. If you have a weekend to spare, make sure to book a stay at Camp Bay Lodge, about a two hour drive from West Bay.

Camp Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in Honduras! It’s much quieter and more relaxing than the West side. It’s also the perfect place to learn to kitesurf. Camp Bay Lodge offers kitesurfing lessons as well as other fun excursions such as scuba diving, paddle boarding and massages.

Camp Bay Lodge offers some of the most delicious food I tasted during my entire three months on Roatan. Pictured below is their seafood soup FILLED with conch, shrimp and lobster. At only $15/bowl, I wished I could have eaten it for every meal in Roatan.

An aerial view of Camp Bay Beach Roatan
A bowl of seafood soup from Camp Bay Lodge restaurant

19. Spend the Weekend in La Ceiba at the Eco Lodge

If you find yourself in need of a short break from island life, why not hop on the Galaxy Wave Ferry from Roatan to La Ceiba and enjoy some beautiful jungle views at the Omega Tours Eco Lodge?

The Pico Bonito Eco Lodge is easily one of the best places to visit in Honduras. A 5-star resort located in between two of Honduras’ most beautiful national parks: Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios, Omega Tours was founded and built by a German couple who still operates the property today. At their restaurant, La Jungla, you can find delicious Honduran staples as well as hearty and authentic German cuisine!

The Eco Lodge is known for their white water rafting and variety of nature activities. I cannot recommend the white water rafting enough. You’ll see amazing views of Pico Bonito as well as get to do some adrenaline-inducing cliff jumps! They also offer on-site massages for only $40.

If you have the time, you could even hop on a bus to Copan Ruinas on the border of Guatemala to explore ancient Mayan Ruins, visit a Macaw and tropical bird sanctuary, and try some of the best chocolate in Central America.

Gorgeous views in Pico Bonito National Park Honduras
Relaxing at the Omega Eco Lodge in Pico Bonito National Park

20. Spend a Day in Utila

Located only a quick ferry ride away, there’s no need to choose between Roatan and Utila – simply visit them both! If you find time to plan a quick trip to Utila, I would recommend staying at Hotel Trudy. Whether you’re a solo traveler looking for budget accommodation (hostel rooms for $6/night) or in search of private, air conditioned accommodation ($50/night), Hotel Trudy has something for everyone.

Hotel Trudy has a corresponding, on-site dive center called Underwater Vision. If you decide to dive during your stay, you’ll receive a small discount on your nightly accommodation! You can check out the different dive packages here.

Currently, Hotel Trudy has no online booking options. You can send them a message via the Underwater Vision Facebook page to secure a room or diving package.

How to Get to Roatan

Many visitors to Roatan arrive on the island by cruise ship. Unfortunately, since the ships dock in Coxen Hole for only a few hours (which is not the nicest part of the island) visiting Roatan by cruise boat is less than ideal.

The easiest way to get to Roatan is to fly directly into Roatan’s airport, Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (RTB). However, since the airport is tiny, direct flights can get pricey. If you’re in search of a more budget-friendly option, you might have better luck flying through San Pedro Sula’s airport, Aeropuerto Ramón Villeda Morales, and catching a quick flight to Roatan. 

Is Roatan Dangerous for Tourists or Solo Travelers?

The short answer – NO. Roatan is not dangerous for tourists to visit and I felt very safe there, even as a solo female traveler. I ended up living on Roatan for a full year and, not only did I feel perfectly safe, I met tons of lifelong friends. Like everywhere else in the world, make smart choices, keep an eye on your valuables and use common sense. If you do these things, you’ll be perfectly safe in Roatan.

best things to do in Roatan

Protect Your Trip to Roatan

Whenever I plan a trip, I always make sure to protect myself and my wallet with travel insurance. I’ve always booked travel insurance before trips, but I had to learn the hard way that not all travel insurance programs are created equal. During the two months I lived in Thailand in 2022, I injured my foot on a weekend trip to Khao Sok National Park, which led to four months of limping around Southeast Asia and an eventual surgery in Canggu. Since I was buying travel insurance month-to-month through AXA, none of my surgery was covered and I was out $3,500—even though I had active travel insurance at the time.

Since then, I started traveling with SafetyWing Travel Medical Insurance. It’s perfect for both short-term travelers and digital nomads since you can tailor it exactly to your dates and needs. You can use it as a monthly subscription (what I usually do), or pay in full for a set date range. You can also take advantage of their useful add ons like U.S. coverage (not for U.S. citizens unfortunately), adventure sports, and electronics theft.

Where to Stay in Roatan

Although Roatan is not a small island, there are basically three main areas for tourists to stay: West End, West Bay, and Sandy Bay. Choose which location is right for you with my handy guide to Roatan accommodation below:

  • West End = Main expat area, plenty of bars and restaurants, the scene of the best Roatan nightlife, easily walkable, more Airbnbs and mid-level hotels, perfect for solo travelers and friends traveling together. 
  • West Bay = Main tourist area, mostly all-inclusive resorts and high-end accommodation, more expensive restaurants, best beach on the island, perfect for honeymooners or family vacations. 
  • Sandy Bay = More remote and quiet, not walkable, beautiful beaches, some restaurants but they are few and far between, amazing snorkeling and affordable accommodation.

👉🏼 Click here for my ultimate guide to the best hotels in Roatan!

For a very affordable Caribbean island, Roatan has a surprising lack of nice, budget-friendly accommodation options.

There is only one true hostel (The Roatan Backpacker’s Hostel), but its location is terrible and would require renting a car or taking cabs around the island. If you’re looking to stay in Roatan on a budget, my recommendation would be the West End Dive Resort. The location is perfect, right in the middle of West End, and they offer both private and dorm room options. They also have two swimming pools on site and their rooms are air conditioned!

👉🏼 Click here to book your stay at West End Dive Resort!

Aerial view of West End Dive Resort.

Brisas del Mar is my favorite hotel in West End. During my time living in Roatan, we spent many weekends drinking homemade margaritas at their on-site bar, Tequila Jack’s, and enjoying the sunshine in the pool. While the hotel was being built, they used to hire DJ’s and open up the whole pool and bar area for dance parties!

In addition to being clean, beautifully-furnished, and extremely comfortable, the rooms at Brisas del Mar are extremely reasonable – so it’s the perfect mid-level hotel option when visiting Roatan. You also can’t beat the location. It’s far enough from the bars of West End to be quiet at night, but not so far that you can’t walk to dinner or home from a night out (just don’t do it alone).

👉🏼 Click here to book your stay at Brisas del Mar!

An aerial shot of Brisas del Mar at the end of West End Roatan.

Stay in the lap of luxury on Roatan’s prettiest white-sand beach at Grand Roatan Caribbean Resort. This luxurious hotel provides tons of high-end amenities for their guests, including (but not limited to) direct beach access and chairs, a massive infinity pool with a swim-up bar, a 4-story spa and fitness center, four on-site restaurants, and bungalows.

I had the opportunity to stay and work with Grand Roatan for three glorious nights in 2021. Let’s just say going from one of their stunning, well-air conditioned villas with a gorgeous bathroom and outdoor shower to my shitty apartment in West End was a wake-up call.

👉🏼 Click here to book your stay at Grand Roatan!

An aerial shot of Kimpton Grand Roatan on West Bay Beach.

Roatan Travel FAQs:

What language do they speak on Roatan?

The first language on the island was actually English, not Spanish. Although Roatan residents that have migrated from the mainland might speak only Spanish, native Islanders and most expats speak English. No need to spent hours on Duolingo for this trip!

When is the best month to visit Roatan?

March – June is the dry season and the best time to visit Roatan. However, visiting during the rainy season is well-suited for budget travelers, since you can find competitive prices on flights and hotels.

Is it safe to visit Roatan as a solo female traveler?

Absolutely yes, Roatan is very safe for solo female travelers! I won’t lie…I was very nervous in the weeks leading up to my first Roatan trip. While half of my friends were jealous of my upcoming move to the Caribbean, the other half were terrified I would wind up mugged or worse. I’m happy to say, after a YEAR of living in Roatan, the latter couldn’t have been more wrong.

What is Roatan Honduras known for?

Roatan is widely known for having some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Looking at the popularity of the Caribbean overall, Roatan is still relatively untouched. A lesser known destination = less scuba divers, snorkelers and irresponsible tourists damaging the reef and the island’s natural resources. In recent years, Roatan has placed a higher emphasis on sustainability and ocean conservation in order to keep their coral reefs flourishing for years to come.

Is Roatan cheap? Is it a good destination for budget travelers?

Compared to the rest of the Caribbean, Roatan is stupid cheap! I was able to live in a two bedroom apartment (with a roommate) steps from the beach for only 350 USD/month (although my monthly A/C costs for one room only at night were an additional $200).
If you stay on the island for a while and the expat community considers you “local” you can go scuba diving for only $25 per tank! Baleadas – a typical Honduran breakfast consisting of a thick flour tortilla filled with refried beans, cheese and other fixings – will only cost you $1-2 in Roatan. However, there are many sit-down restaurants owned by expats that will charge closer to U.S. prices. Expect to pay 70 HNL ($3) for local beers.

Can I drink the water in Roatan?

Nope! Some of the locals will, but if you’re not used to it DON’T drink the water in Roatan. If you’ll be on the island a while or are living in an apartment, you can have drinking water delivered directly to your house.

What is the local cuisine in Roatan?

Baleadas are Honduras’ culinary claim to fame! They consist of a thick, homemade flour tortilla filled with red refried beans and cotija cheese – folded in half. You can add other ingredients to make them truly delicious. I always ordered mine with scrambled eggs, avocado, mantequilla (Honduran sour cream), pickled onions and a generous squeeze of Don Carlos Hot Sauce.
In addition to baleadas, Roatan is known for ceviche and other fresh seafood dishes around every corner. If you’re really lucky, you might be able to find lionfish ceviche on the menu – which is arguably the most delicious kind. McCoy is a type of Honduran soup usually made with seafood, pork, chicken and sometimes iguana (which be wary of because it’s illegal to eat iguana on Roatan). You won’t find McCoy on any restaurant menus, but if you want to order some of Miss Betty’s McCoy you can contact the Roatan Backpackers Hostel. Other famous island dishes are chicken in coconut milk, pastelitos and jerk chicken with rice, beans and plantains.

What is the easiest way to get around Roatan?

You can rent cars, scooters and motorcycles on Roatan for a very fair price. However, drunk driving is not taken very seriously on the island and most roads are very windy and poorly lit. My recommendation would be to find a taxi driver you trust, get their WhatsApp number and become a repeat customer. Getting in a random taxi during the day is fine – I did that for months solo – but it’s always safer to travel with a driver you know, especially at night.
Don’t get screwed on taxi prices! There are set prices for wherever you want to go on Roatan – find the set prices for a colectivo taxi here.

Final Thoughts

Moving back to Roatan for the remainder of 2021 was the best decision I could have made. I met so many lifelong friends during the year I spent on this magical island and I honestly had the time of my life. I got to explore so much of this beautiful, underrated country and I can’t wait to get back and explore even more Honduran jungles, local cuisine, gorgeous beaches and flourishing coral reefs! A trip to Roatan Honduras is a trip you’ll never forget – especially if you follow my Roatan bucket list.

Thinking of planning an epic trip to Roatán, Honduras or anywhere else in the world? Don’t forget to enter your email and download my free PDF guide, “How to Plan Epic Trips.” And be sure to follow along with my adventures on Instagram @madisonsfootsteps!

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      I’ve been to other parts of Honduras (Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula) that have felt not so safe. Is Roatan pretty well insulated from the dangerous conditions that exist on the mainland of Honduras?

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